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dankorpi 01-19-2016 11:50 AM

XTM parts needed!
My son has an X-cellerator nitro and we need help finding a 46 tooth spur gear and slipper pads or a replacement part that would work in it's place. Any help is appreciated. I have called Hobby People and XTM parts. Part numbers are 149088 or C6026 for the spur gear and 149086 or C6024 for the pads. Thanks.

blm1298 02-07-2016 10:26 AM

Not sure if you have this figured out yet, but I also have a couple of x cellerators. While it is not an exact fit, Traxxas part #TRA3454 will fit the xcellerator with no mods. The original xcellerator spur is a 46t or 47t that xtm says was 32p, but it was not exactly 32p. It is no longer in production, and global hobby will not be getting any more of them. When you can find them on ebay, they are ridiculously overpriced.The traxxas spur will fit, but be sure to tighten the gear mesh to wear in the teeth. And pick up the friction pegs that fit the spur as well, because it wont work with the stock friction pads. The pegs are better anyway. I also have a couple of other traxxas gears I am working on fitting like the tra6842. This one is a .8 mod with a slightly better mesh and has less teeth (50t) for more top end. I will have to dremel one side flat, and had to order a different bearing, but it looks like it will work as well. Same goes for the tra6842 52t. So I am hoping to get those to work, but if you don't care about losing top end speed too much, the 54t TRA3454 will do fine. Hope this helps.

blm1298 03-06-2016 09:32 AM

Just an update. There is one little bit I forgot. To fit without mods, I added a thicker slipper pad behind the pegs. It is actually kind of a neat solution. I bought a couple of silicone cupcake molds for 1.99. I took one of them and cut the smooth bottom out of it, and then carefully cut it into a circle around the metal slipper (removed from the XC of course). I then marked the center and cut a small hole to mount it in front of the rear slipper plate and then mounted the traxxas spur gear in front of the home made pad. This gave enough room for the gear (which is slightly larger in diameter than the original) to clear frame. Then I replaced the front slipper, spring and mount hardware. Works well. And it looks like I will be able to mount the other gears as well, but with one little mod. The center hole on the 6842 is 11mm. The bearing I ordered fits, but the center of the bearing is not an exact match to the shaft. Looks like the center hole on the bearing I ordered is about .5mm too wide. There is a little bit of play, which can screw up the diff I imagine. So I am going to have to shim it somehow. Maybe with a carefully placed piece of trimmed electrical tape, or aluminum tape or something like that.

Maverick99 06-08-2016 05:51 AM

I need a spur gear for my xtm x-terminator it is part #149425 or mft# mv2283 I seen a place in Canada that has them.. but I also seen a willpower diff with gear that says it works with xtm.buggys.. my question here is can you put different diff in the place of the old one? Or anyone know where I can find a spur?

blm1298 06-09-2016 05:22 AM

Willpower is a seller in China, and I have purchased some parts from him that work with my XT2s. I have not seen that he has any parts that will fit an Xcellerator. He offers spur gears, but they are for other cars such as the XT, XT2, Cage, Etc. I spoke with Global Hobby Distributors a while back and they do not make spur gears for the XC anymore. They have been out of production for years, and this not change in the future. This has left a few options: Occasionally find them on E-Bay as a standalone and ridiculously overpriced item (the last one I found was over $40 and I passed on it), Buy a used XC with a decent spur gear on it (I picked up a couple for parts, and the gears were in decent condition), make your own casting (a pain), or adapt other spur gears to fit. I have tried some Associated, a Losi, the Traxxas, and a couple of Redcat gears I had lying around. By far the best option has been the option I have described in the original post. Part of the challenge is that the gear pitch on the XC is unique. It is not quite a 1.0, and not quite a .8, so even when I found gears that fit the shaft, the gears just did not mesh well with the clutch bell, which is also unique. The Traxxas gear seems to be a decent fit, and the teeth wear in to the clutch bell because the gear is plastic. I would go with the setup I described above, and you should be able to make it work. Also, if you remove the engine, spur gear, etc and give yourself to some room to work you will find that if needed you can grind the chassis slightly to making fit up easier. I did it on one of my XCs, but not the other. I used a dremel with a cone shaped grinding bit and just took my time to shave a little bit of the chassis. Be careful on these threads though. In general, people say a lot of parts from the Losi XXX NT will fit, or that the front end is basically an associated. But in many cases this is not the case. Some parts will fit, but they are by no means clones. The XXX NT chassis is different, the clutch bell is different, the spur gear and pitch is different, the rear arms are different etc., etc. Instead of screwing around with all of that, I just bought a couple of XCs on Ebay for parts on the cheap. Now I have tons to last for years.

Maverick99 06-09-2016 05:39 AM

Mine is the xtm xt2 same thing as a x-terminatoresult from research I've done.. it's a center diff.. willpower makes a center diff that says it will work on xtm.. wish I could post a pic..

blm1298 06-09-2016 08:07 AM

My bad, I was stuck on the X Cellerator. Disregard my last post. I am not sure if the XTerminator and XT2 spur gears are the same. I am willing to bet they are, but I would just e-mail global hobby. The address I used was: [email protected]. They got back to me in a day or so.

bksky 05-19-2021 09:18 AM

I know it's an old thread, but just in case you're still looking for the spur gear.
Kimbrough Racing makes bunch of different spur gears and their spur gear #118 (32P 50Tooth) and #119 (32P 52Tooth) work perfectly without mods.
You gotta use friction pegs instead of slipper pads, and you can get them from Amazon (Traxxas 4685).
They also make 32P 46Tooth which is supposedly the size of original spur gear, but it's way smaller than the original spur gear.
hope this would help.

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