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bodaciousbob 05-21-2020 09:08 PM

New to Electrics/LiPo; converting old Nitro Buggy to E
Hi Guys,

I've been doing a LOT of reading, a LOT of searching, and a LOT of scratching my head.

I have an old OFNA (Hongnor) Ultra LX2 1/8 buggy that has a .28 nitro motor in it. I wasn't ever able to get the nitro motor to run well, and frankly it's a pain. I'd much rather throw a battery in it and go bashing.

So instead of selling the car that I ran a handful of times, I have decided to convert it to electric. Nice thing is, they made an LX2e so there are (some) parts floating out there to help me convert it. Also, nice thing is, I have found the original manuals for the E and the Nitro versions, so I have been able to compare parts. Obviously I'll need to think about a few parts like battery tray, motor mount, and ESC mounting, but there is quite a bit of real estate on the chassis.

With all my reading, I've almost decided to pull the trigger on an ESC and motor.... BUT, living in Canada, I don't have the freedom of all the awesome hobby shops and cheap prices you have down in the US. Plus our conversion rate currently sucks.

I would ideally like to do this as cheap as possible. Sure I'd like to get a few years of use out of it, but I'm not prepared to go drop $350 CAD on a Hobbywing EzRun 8.

The LX2e came with a 1900KV motor, a 14t pinion gear, and the nylon spur gear was shared between the E and Nitro buggies.

So my dilemma is - buy something that's relatively cheap, entry level, and from a brand that has a decent reputation? Or do I buy something from China and hope it suits my needs.

I've priced out the following
- Turnigy Trackstar brushless 2100kv (sensored)
- Hobbyking X-Car 120A sensored ESC
- Hobbyking X-Car program USB adapter
Comes out to : $185 CAD

Alternatively, there are RacerStar or GoolRC combos, which are priced quite competively.
- GoolRC 4068 2050KV (sensorless)
- GoolRC 120A ESC (sensored, may upgrade to sensored motor if it bogs)
- LCD programming card / USB adapter
Comes out to $206 CAD

- Racerstar 4076 brushless 2000KV (sensorless)
- Racerstar 120A ESC (sensored)
- Racerstar Card (which has like 4 or 5 adjustable parameters)
Comes out to $156

I'm fairly certain that I'll be running 2S or 4S LiPos, I'll be sticking with 1800-2050kv motors, and I won't be competing. The car has a decent hongor receiver/transmitter, I have a spare chassis with all the parts -motor, and I have a bunch of tools for it.

What are your thoughts? Should I get a combo kit? Should I buy something cheap and Chinese? Something semi-name brand Chinese? Should I save some pennies and buy a decent kit?

Can you recommend a good kit / combo? Do you know of any good canadian suppliers?

I know this is a ton, but as I mentioned, I'm fairly new to E buggies.


bodaciousbob 05-21-2020 09:23 PM

Edit: Found a local company selling a Maclan 1800kv MR4 for $100 - seems like a reputable company and it's $50 off and sensored. I assume this is a pretty good deal..

bill_delong 05-23-2020 07:26 AM

I would not run any car that you can't get parts for... I would sell it and put the money toward a new car that is already designed for electric, plus you'll get proper parts support ;)

mugeyman 05-25-2020 05:00 AM

yes bodaciousbob yes biil ,he should sell it to someone who need spare parts roller then you could buy tekno eb 48,3 or 4 , a mugen mbx7e or 8 or kyosho mp9 e tki3 or 4 , losi rc8 , team associated rc 8 , xray eb8 new or used these are all great racers and bashers
and tons of parts for these models ok mugey

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