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Richie-EB4 03-17-2004 11:08 AM

Mirage V-spec
Can anyone HELP ?????????

I'm looking for spare parts for my Thunder Tiger MIRAGE V-SPEC (The one made before the EB4)
I can take full car for spares or just odds and ends
Many Thanks

terrible 03-17-2004 07:35 PM

RE: Mirage V-spec
I have no idea where to find parts for it but I have one too. Not a v-spec but a mirage pro. What parts are you looking for? I just bought an eb4 and it seems like a few parts are interchangable between the two.

Richie-EB4 03-18-2004 03:33 AM

RE: Mirage V-spec
1 Attachment(s)
Im looking for spares in general just in case:(
Can you tell from the pic what it is ??
Its front 'A' arms and pins that i have had to fix :DToo many jumps Ha Ha
Thanks Again

terrible 03-18-2004 12:44 PM

RE: Mirage V-spec
It looks like a mirage pro from the top but if it has kick-up in the front of the chassis it's a v-spec. Also I notice your rear shocks are on the back side of the shock tower. Mine are on the front with the arms facing the other direction.

Richie-EB4 03-18-2004 12:52 PM

RE: Mirage V-spec
[size=3]Hello terrible
The chassis is flat with no kick up
as for the shocks will it make a big difference to turning them around ????
have you any info for this model or know where i might find some
Thanks Again

terrible 03-18-2004 05:57 PM

RE: Mirage V-spec
1 it's old
2 they last forever
3 I'll never part with mine!

You have a mirage pro there. I don't know why they called it a PRO, there was only that one before the v-spec. As for the shocks I'd leave them that way. They are a bit further from the front wheels there and maybe a little less likely to be pelted with dirt.

Is that the factory thunder tiger motor? I bought mine with the motor without the pullstart. That was the best nitro eneing I ever had. It went through four gallons of fuel in three seasons, sat for three years and fired right up after all that to run another gallon and a half before finally giving up.

I still have the exploded picture, manual, and origanl box mine came in some where. my dad bought it for me as a x-mas present in '96. The only parts I replaced are: the front universals (buy mugen ones if yours wear out) clutch bells, new shocks (the e-clips wouldn't hold the piston with thicker oil), a new wing (factory one broke) and a few sets of tires.

Richie-EB4 03-19-2004 08:51 AM

RE: Mirage V-spec
I've tryed to find a manual on this car but with no look.
I wanted one just for part numbers, as for the engine its a THUNDER TIGER PRO 21R if that makes sense to you BUT is goes.
Just can't stop it fast enough.
The only dealers in the UK no longer sell spares for this model and told me to sell it while its still runing,
It runs like a dream and i'll not part with mine

Nitro_Keebler 03-19-2004 09:11 AM

RE: Mirage V-spec
I know you said you were looking for a manual, but maybe this link can help you with some info or whatever

They have information about the TT LE and S2 conversion.


Richie-EB4 03-19-2004 09:53 AM

RE: Mirage V-spec
Great link
Many thanks Nitro_Keebler

Nitro_Keebler 03-19-2004 10:00 AM

RE: Mirage V-spec
No problem, thanks should go to NitroAddict for that one :)

Richie-EB4 03-19-2004 10:22 AM

RE: Mirage V-spec
Who's NitroAddict ??

Nitro_Keebler 03-19-2004 10:30 AM

RE: Mirage V-spec
The mod here for the car forums...


Richie-EB4 03-19-2004 10:33 AM

RE: Mirage V-spec
OK great many thanks

terrible 03-19-2004 06:45 PM

RE: Mirage V-spec
Well I can get you any part number you want. Also for you brake problem try this: Pick up an eb4 brake kit. Buy two brake rotors and two sets of shoes and pads. Convert it over to the metal disk with fiber pads insted of the other way around. Those parts will bolt right up. I use a 3003 futaba servo ( el' cheapo) and my car stops very well.

ColViper 03-28-2004 03:08 AM

RE: Mirage V-spec
This site has parts. =)


Richie-EB4 03-28-2004 03:24 AM

RE: Mirage V-spec
Thanks Colviper
Nice link
Have to see if they ship to the UK
Many thanks

Boost37killer 02-20-2020 11:16 AM

Originally Posted by Richie-EB4 (Post 1633598)
Can anyone HELP ?????????

I'm looking for spare parts for my Thunder Tiger MIRAGE V-SPEC (The one made before the EB4)
I can take full car for spares or just odds and ends
Many Thanks

I have one for sale

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