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firestormer 11-03-2008 06:07 AM

Annsman Vapour
Hello. I am thinking of getting an Annsman Vapour 1/8th buggy to replace my ageing and battered Firestorm but I can't find any reviews on it, is it any good etc, cheers.

tommygun32 11-03-2008 07:23 AM

RE: Annsman Vapour
First time I've seen this buggy mate or I should say this buggy name, and can't seem to find any "decent" threads regarding it, other than your bog standard company write up. I did however find this.... http://www.ansmann.de/cms/racingroot...m/company.html

I noticed on that page that they link to CEN racing, so I'm thinking CEN could possibly be a 're-branded' Annsman???:eek: but don't know for sure. There is a CEN thread on this forum, you could check there mate. It looks fairly decent and appears to be loosely designed on the Losi platform, but again, I don't have experience with this car.

Good luck

mx757 11-03-2008 05:44 PM

RE: Annsman Vapour
the annsman definatly doesnt look like the cen. they use completly different suspension types and everything. Honestly I havent ever heard of annsman.

Smoerrebroed 11-08-2008 02:14 PM

RE: Annsman Vapour

Ansmann is a German company. They have been in the business for some time now but it seems they're kind of expanding lately (they started out selling batteries, then got more and more into RC models - today they even make / sell solar panels and have offices and manufacturing plants across the globe). However, modelwise they don't have much to do with CEN other than they are - apparently - their new official German distributor (they also distribute Ko Propo since a few months back). So it's little wonder you find CEN models on their website - but they are completely different models.

Their new model - the Vapor - seems like a reworked Virus of the same company. Not too bad and a real bargain for the kit (retails at ~ 120,- EUR). Can't say much more about the Vapor now other than that it's fairly new.



ben16l 11-28-2008 09:03 PM

RE: Annsman Vapour
any more news on the vapour as i';m also looking at buying one and cant find much info

INTEGRA 11-29-2008 12:12 AM

RE: Annsman Vapour
I wouldn't touch a buggy like this....where do parts come from ? will they still be making this buggy in 6 months....these are things you have to ask yourself before you go dumping 120Euro on a POS.

tommygun32 11-29-2008 01:28 PM

RE: Annsman Vapour
Agreed...EU $ 120....that's what?....maybe US $ 250 - 300, depending on exchange rates. Is it supposed to be a basher or a racer? Too many established brands in Europe to be a racer. Honestly though, the looks and web adverts are slick, but it's just too affordable.[&:]

Who knows though.....maybe they're working on a Solar Powered Electric 1:8 skale buggie????:D

Indoor could be fun.......[&:]

Smoerrebroed 11-29-2008 02:26 PM

RE: Annsman Vapour
Well, I don't know about the actual shop price in the States or Canada but I reckon it'll be around $ 140 - 150 (using the current exchange rate, it would come out to ~ $180 - I don't think they'll charge that much though). It seems that Ansmann are trying to position it as a racer rather than a basher (buggies aren't so popular for bashing anyway). At least that's what their adverts are pointing out. On the other hand, they're selling the RtR kits with a .28 engine - not a race legal piece of hardware.

Anyway, as I've said already, they surely seem like a solid company so I have no worries about the supply of spare parts. Then again, I'm living in Germany and there are plenty of dealers carrying their models and parts. As always, even if you have the best model in the world and there are no dealers offering spares for it, you're screwed. Period.

Having said that and coincidentally having taken delivery of my Vapor Kit a few days ago, I have the following remarks to make:

The manual is little more than a collection of exploded views. Sometimes it's difficult to find the exact part that is needed for a given step but if this is not your first model, you'll be fine. Quality of the parts is not superb but good. There's a lot of aluminum on this model (including very cool big-bore shocks) and so far I haven't found any remarkable "solutions" which look like they won't last long. It's definitely a solid model though it might be lacking the "revolutionary" touch that every maker claims for his latest and greatest product. There are some interesting details like the engine which is positioned almost in the exact centre of the longitudinal axis, a perfect, fully ball-raced steering setup for almost friction-free steering and an interesting upper suspension arm at the front wheels. Many parameters of the chassis setup can be adjusted though this is sometimes not completely hassle-free.

Anyway, my first feedback is that it's definitely worth the money. In addition, there will be some hop-ups available soon which should make it an even better car. So if you have the option of getting one and the supply of spares is secured, go get one - you won't find anything comparable for less money.



phattracker 11-29-2008 03:10 PM

RE: Annsman Vapour
I like the Vapor color scheme

Smoerrebroed 11-30-2008 02:59 AM

RE: Annsman Vapour
Which one? The Kit, then Non-RtR or the RtR type. They all come with differently painted (though similar) bodies. So even on the track you can tell who's built his own car and who got it ready to run. :D

tommygun32 11-30-2008 05:49 AM

RE: Annsman Vapour
Any pics???

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