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toves 04-14-2009 12:29 AM

20t clutch bell on a inferno buggy
I got a inferno us sports 2 with a .28xz and this thing is a beast. My question is which cluch bell will work on my buggy? I want to run a 20t bell with a 46 spur. I need to tame that motor on the lowend and get top speed for racing friends of mine. Ebay has one from HPI that says it works for all buggys. Need your inputs please. HPI 77110 VENTED RACING CLUTCH BELL 20T BUGGY TRUGGY is the one im lookin at. you guy think the gear pitch is the same? And do you recommed this setup?

ranger1 04-14-2009 11:03 AM

RE: 20t clutch bell on a inferno buggy
i think a 20 tooth clutch would be way too much. if your looking for speed gor for a 17 clutch and 46 spur. a 20 would overheat the crap out of that motor. at least if you go 17 temps will be a little lower but still give you more top speed than you need. here are the clutch and spur for your buggy. also dont forget that you will need bearings for the clutch



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