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rsieminski 11-29-2003 03:53 PM

New airboat with pics and rudder question.
I put one together in a couple of hrs on Fri:


The last one had rectangular air rudders and kinda leaned into the turns. This one slides totally flat across the water in the turns. Someone else in another post mentioned, that you could control how it reacts in a turn by the shape of the rudder, but he failed to follow up and explain the characteristics.

Here's a picture of a hull in the making:

Any ideas, comments---all welcome

TERBObob 11-29-2003 07:59 PM

RE: New airboat with pics and rudder question.
Ok , what I meant by the shape of the rudder was referring to either the top section , or the bottom section .
Consider a boats rudder that is set in the water . Pending on the angle that you tip the rudder at , gives the boats attitude a different effect .
Same goes for airboats .
by , rather than "tilting" the rudder , as you would on a regular boat , you use the width section of the rudder for an airboat .
For example - say that you have an airboat that the nose dips in when making turns , for this you would want your rudders shapes to be wider at the bottom and narrowing as they go upwards ( see pic and reverse it , in the other post )
For a boat that does skipping and hopping and has the nose kind of high up ( ya know , like those rich - stuck up folks do :) ) , then you wantthe shape of the rudder(s) to be wider at the top and narrower as they get to the bottom area .
Now , if your boat has a perfect ride attitude , then , of course , you don;t have to worry about adjusting the shape(s) of the rudder(s) .
Also remember , that for better turning abilities , the distance between the rudders should be so that when you close one of the rudders 90 degrees from normal running postion , it SHOULD mate with the next one where it is AT the normal postion ( straight back )
I know that sounded confusing , and if someone needs me to draw up a sketch , let me know .
Till then ... happy building and BE SAFE !

Oh , and BTW - your shape is unique and would love to find out how it runs and handles . What is the material you are using there ? Please keep us posted .
( I assume this is meant more for water than any other ? )

rsieminski 11-29-2003 09:47 PM

RE: New airboat with pics and rudder question.
So, in the top picture can I do anything to the shape of the rudder to make it perform better? It only has 1 rudder.
It really scoots in the water and on land.

The hull in the pic is made of 2" insulating foam hot wired to shape. I wanted a little better highspeed, and cornering performance.

pro27 11-30-2003 03:22 AM

RE: New airboat with pics and rudder question.
The hulls' bottom shape looks a lot like one of the Verner's hulls. A very good riding and manuverable design!

What kind of foam cutter did you use? Homemade or commercial?
If homemade, how did you make it?

rsieminski 11-30-2003 09:25 AM

RE: New airboat with pics and rudder question.
It's home made. I used leader wire from Wally World. It's called Hard Wire. For small lengths, you can just use a hobby battery or car battery. For cutting wing cores, I use a car battery charger.

pro27 11-30-2003 09:42 AM

RE: New airboat with pics and rudder question.
How about a new topic on how to construct a foam cutter bow?
I've tried in the past, but haven't had anything work reliably.

TERBObob 11-30-2003 10:55 AM

RE: New airboat with pics and rudder question.
In your top post you say that the boat scoots across the water , perfectly flat and slides , but , thats the way the airboats are supposed to react . Sounds like it's handling is perfect . If you need more performance out of her , the only option I can think of , is a different motor with more torque to swing a bigger prop ? The picture above is not really clear where the prop is , but was also wondering if you might have tried different pitched props , larger prop , or a 3 blader yet ? The rudder will only control the boats ride attitude .
If you look in the CLASSIFIED section here on RCU , there are sometimes some GREAT deals on slightly used props . Might find some that you could change over to that might give you a bit more speed . First , I wouldn;t go drastic , and would try a higher pitched prop with the same length , then if you get maxxed out there , try a 3 blader ( I know they're not all that easy to find ) and as a final option , change motors to one that has more torque to it .

And hey Pro , the idea sounds like a good one ( even though I only use wood and 2 part foam filler ) , and would be an intereting one as well .
Why don;t you start a thread and see what kind , and how many responses you get ?

pro27 11-30-2003 12:55 PM

RE: New airboat with pics and rudder question.
WILL DO........

rsieminski 11-30-2003 01:48 PM

RE: New airboat with pics and rudder question.
Yeah a good thread on bow cutters would be great.

The engine is a Leo .37, with an APC 10 x 4 cut down to 9.5". I tried a 3 blade 9x7 but didn't have the acceleration. As it is it's fast enough. At full throttle, the wind will catch it ad flip it---bummer.

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