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So much info! Having trouble piecing it together.

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So much info! Having trouble piecing it together.

Old 09-20-2010, 11:44 AM
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Default So much info! Having trouble piecing it together.

Hi there, yet another noob I'm sure you guys are ecstatic. There is so much info on this site and I am having trouble piecing info together to apply it specifically to my newly purchased Apache 24. If anyone is knowlageable on the specific application in mods for this boat Iam all ears. Took it for it's maiden voyage today, it was fun but soon realized Iwant more speed. I've gathered the two obvious things to achieve higher speedsare bigger motor and the right prop.

Icame across a post that saida S-600 could slip in easily to replace the stock 550 without having to recoil a new water cooling system. As of right now I'm wondering can Igain moderate to significant speed with the stock set up by simplygetting the right prop?Would it be worth the roughly $15 to get slightly bigger motor, if Iupgrade the motor does this mean Ihave to pair a prop accordingly or can Iget the same size as stock (metal of course)with a better pitch.

Additionally what is a typical run time for the stock set up. Iran two batteries through it with about a 10-15 min break between the runs, and noticed the amp (or think is the ESC) was real hot. The motor seemed fine as it's water cooled. Is there an if than rule to mods, i.e. if Iupgrade X then Imust upgrade Y?

Thanks for your patients and inputwith this noob and sorry if this presents as a repeat, Ifound a topic on the Apache 24 in electric speed boats but there were years of post and nothing Ifound that adressed my specific questions.
Old 09-20-2010, 03:16 PM
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Default RE: So much info! Having trouble piecing it together.

Hi Mac-9-,

Welcome to the wet side!

I hope you realize that by buying the Apache 24, you purchased a RTR boat where the manufacturer has cut all corners to bring the cost down...
Effectively this means you can't put on a bigger prop, or the same size with more pitch without overheating the motor and ESC, or, the most simple way to go quicker, add one cell to your 7,2V pack and run on 8,4V without checking with Proboat if the ESC can cope with that.

By the way; cooling; is your cooling coil fitted as in the pictures on the Proboat site?
If so please move it towards the transom, so the cooling slots in the motor aren't covered by it (morons...).

Changing the 550 motor for a bigger 600 motor (the Graupner SPEED 600 RACE 7,2 V Best.-Nr. 6370, springs to mind) and running it on 7 cells NiMH should make quite a difference in speed.
Most likely you'll need a more beefy ESC to cope with the higher ampdraw.

The steering outdrive is something I'm not particular fond of, once you get beyond a certain speed, the steering becomes 'problematic' and the boat will react violently to too much rudderthrow, flipping it is a real possibility, so make sure to tape the hatch watertight.

Also, with more power comer greater wear and tear on the steering outdrive, I've managed to wear out the stock bushings on a Academy cat in ten runs just by changing the propulsion from a pair of 550, geared down, to a direct drive 700 Neodym motor.
The next thing that will fail is the universal coupler, such an item has no place on a fast electric imho.

Basically what I'm saying is; don't try and push this boat too far, moderate upgrades will make it run fine, overdoing it will result in a pile of ABS rubble.

Regards, Jan.
Old 09-20-2010, 04:52 PM
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Default RE: So much info! Having trouble piecing it together.

If this is your first boat, I'd leave it stock and use it to learn with. What I would also recommend is to build another boat, such as a Wild Thing and set it up for electric drive. I'm sure there are people in the electric forum that can help you out as to motors, props and ESC to match the size of your boat. That's what I would do
Old 09-20-2010, 05:27 PM
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Default RE: So much info! Having trouble piecing it together.

Thank you both! After reading and realizing what all is involved, Ithink Iwill enjoy the Apache the way it is for a few weeks or so, then maybe give it to my nephew... after Ibuild one from scratch cause that looks like thebest way to go. We live on a private lake in a subdivision with ample room, but gas engines are not allowed so Ihave to stick with the electric for sure.

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