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New to building RC boats, help from those with experience is appreciated

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New to building RC boats, help from those with experience is appreciated

Old 08-10-2019, 08:16 AM
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Default New to building RC boats, help from those with experience is appreciated

So I have had a 17" super air Nautique rc boat sitting in the pool shed for a couple of years. Bought it for my nephew. scrolled through Ebay and found the UDIRC 001 little 9" race boat for $37 and some change. Pulled the trigger. Got it, used it for 1/2 a day, and thought, this power would be awesome in the wake boat! So I gutted both and built from scratch. Tried several configurations on it, and could not get it to stop torque rolling at 75% or better throttle. Did have it operational though, and I have caught the bug to build a couple of these at least. With the 17 inch models, goal is to be around 7-10 mph and as heavy as I can make it to create the biggest wake possible to play in the pool, or at the lake. I'm planning a build for the 32" new bright mastercraft x star that many before me have put hobby grade parts in as well. That build I would like to get about 20 mph, again as heavy as possible as I expect lift to be an issue for that hull at that speed. I know I will need to overpower it quite a bit due to the weight to achieve that speed. This one is for the lake and to play with when out on the boat. I want it to be able to beat or keep pace with a pontoon.

In the process of building I have ran into some problems that I believe are able to be overcome, first is torque roll. I believe mine was so excessive because of the position of the prop (was right at the rear of the boat, but well underneath, and agled upward around 30 degrees. Also, the prop was from a surface drive (2 blade) which I believe was attributing. Didn't get to test the final prop placement as I was using a heat gun trying to smooth an area of the hull in the rear that was curled on the back, and after adjusting, noticed it pulled down the top edge that seals to the removable top, so no more seal. long story short, the hull is now trash and I am transplanting to another 17" mastercraft boat... mk2. lol I am looking for a different prop, I'm thinking 3 blade, submerged, with a higher rake angle to reduce transom lift.

I am a big enthusiast when it comes to things looking to scale, and am very much a perfectionist. I want the boat to take off like a real one so I was going to install an inline module that gradually increases throttle and another that slows the speed of the steering servo. I want the boat to be submerged close to what the actual boat would be, I want the rudder tucked or almost tucked under the swim platform. I even am contemplating making trim tabs into wake plates. Everything needs to look proportional. and I will be painting the hull, interior and graphics when I am satisfied with testing how it runs.

The 600 Mah Lipo the little boat I ordered came with was just not going to cut it... 5 minutes of play if that. I used to use vaporizers (electronic cigarettes) and was quite into it, even built a few. luckily, most everything seems to be able to run on the 18650 batteries they used. Just have to put them in series. Mine is 7.4 v system, so I can run 2 in series and have 2600 Mah, or run 3-4 sets in series and have 7800-10400 Mah, accomplishing my heavy weight as well.

trying to stay cheap on the smaller boat, but holding nothing back on the 32". Looking for a nice brushless set up with ESC to handle my needs, as well as a nice rudder, and strut for a flex shaft system. Was contemplating buying a donor boat for the electronics and transplanting everything, buying new parts where I needed. but it would seem it is much cheaper to just piece one together. When it comes to the receiver and ESC I am a little lost though, if I buy an upgraded higher amp esc for a bigger brushless motor, how will I link it to the receiver? And do receivers only work with certain controllers? I am aware they operate on a certain MHz but is that the only criteria to get them to communicate? besides possibly being limited to function depending on what channel the controller is?

prop angle and placement is something I think will be rather critical to the handling characteristics of this boat. anyone with any tips or tricks please chime in! I know nothing for certain, but it would seem optimum is as far back as I can push, as far up to the bottom of the hull as I can get, and for the angle, as straight forward as possible. Am i correct in that? what about where the prop sets in relation to the rudder? can it be too close, as I do want the rudder hidden for the most part under the rear swim platform.

I had a thought and was wondering, would a larger prop with lower kv run better and have less roll than smaller proper with a higher kv?

anyone with any insight, I appreciate you help!
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2G4 radios are not generally compatible between makes. Some makers are not even compatible with themselves between models in their range.
Receivers (most receivers, that is) output a PWM signal that is universally acceptable to any RC device that you can plug into it, so you can mix and match easily as long as the plug is a mechanical fit in the hole in the receiver.

A bigger, slower prop (also one with more blades) will not give a faster boat. It will give a boat with more pulling power because of the torque, but since every action has an equal and opposite reaction, not only will the prop move the water, the resistance of the water will cause the boat to try to rotate around the prop.

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