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Traxxas Villain EX vs. MRC Triton Cat

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Traxxas Villain EX vs. MRC Triton Cat

Old 07-01-2005, 01:47 PM
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Default Traxxas Villain EX vs. MRC Triton Cat

I'm considering purchasing one of these two boats. Does anyone have any experience with either one and what would you do.
Old 07-03-2005, 04:10 PM
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Default RE: Traxxas Villain EX vs. MRC Triton Cat

That is the same two boats I was considering just a couple of weeks ago.
Here is my opinion. The Villian EX is about the same price as the Triton Cat (after you make the nessicary mods).
The Villian EX is pretty much out of the box. You don't need to do anything right away. There are mods, but not required right away.

The Trition Cat needs some mods. You first need to change the mechanical speed control to a electronic speed control (esc). Then you need to change the batteries so that you can run 14.4V. and the Triton Cat requires you to do some assembly.

I personally think that the Cat looks better and that the assembly is really a no brainer, but I went with the Villian Ex. I thought that if I started out having to make modifications then I was already pushing the limits on the boat where if I got a boat ready to go I could always upgrade it later.

I have not been disapointed with the Villian Ex.

I am interested to hear others opinions and you end decision.

Old 07-04-2005, 02:58 PM
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Default RE: Traxxas Villain EX vs. MRC Triton Cat

Hi nunzirj,

I have the Academy Triton cat and it's a cool looking, big boat. On this point the reviews are absolutely correct.

Out of the box it's an absolute dud to run, it's relative slow and the rounded edges ( from the vacuum moulding process) suck the hull down.
The two motors get frightningly hot after a run with a set of 3300mAh batteries, spit evaporates on the motorcans..., this overheating will make the magnets lose power rather quickly and the speed will be gone altogether.

Mine currently sits on the shelf, waiting for modifications:

- 700 motor on 12-14 cells direct drive (no powersucking gears)
- flex shaft to replace the ball and socket (which wore out after ten runs)
- seperate rudder instead of the steering outdrive (where the bushings tend to melt/wear like mad)
- sharpening the trailing edges on the hull, should make a noticable difference.
- using a "nomal" ESC instead of the fire-hazard, the resistors represent

Did I mention the boat got smoked by my sons 7 cell, 600 motor, monohull? It tore past like I didn't move at all...

I'll get him once the mods have been made!

Regards, Jan.

P.S.: The modifications will make the boat faster, but also more expensive than the Villain...
Old 06-16-2006, 03:15 PM
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Default RE: Traxxas Villain EX vs. MRC Triton Cat

The Villain EX is a great boat, and I recommend it for beginners, modders, or anyone else.

Most people think of one thing when they buy an RC machine: How fast will this go [before the reactors go critical, or maybe just a little critical]? I know I do.

Out of the box, the EX is fast, but not as fast as some of its competitors. This is where the 'max speed' thing comes into play. This boat is not designed for rocketing down a lake and then coming back (although, modded, it will do that and run circles around the competition). Think control: this boat has more control than a rudder-controlled boat. How much control, and what good is control if it isn't as fast as it could be... let me explain:

Let's say you have two boats in a river with a current of 10 mph, one is the Villain EX, the other is a Rudder-equipped boat. Using the low-end power, you run each boat to fight the current at a speed of 10 mph to equal the current, but 0 knots (knots are how fast you are moving in relation to land-based reference objects.) This is where positive control comes into play.

Moving the rudder of the rudder boat will cause it to either move latterally (parallel to shore) with a slight turn in that direction.

Moving the out-drives of an out-driven boat, like the EX, will bring that boat into a 360 degree turn. More power will give a sharper turn in this case. Once you understand the dynamics of what is going on with an out-drive and a rudder, you can see the potential for both.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel and explaining how a rudder works in detail, I am just going to ignore them for the rest of this post henceforth, because the point is made above.

Now it's time to have fun with an out-drive. What kind of fun? Well, one favorite of modded (and unmodded) EX owners is wave-jumping. Now, I live in NE Ohio, 5 miles from Lake Erie. This is not your typical lake, being the 3rd largest in the world after Superior and Michigan, so I can understand if you dont see the potential for getting much air off of your sheet of glass in Arizona.

However, if you live near a lake with choppy water, strong currents, and especially other 'Real' boats running and creating large wake waves, you will want a boat that can cut through them and steer in currents. This is where the out-drive excels. But wait... what about that wave jumping I mentioned? What's up with that?

Lake Erie is no Ocean, but it gets its waves up there with the best of them. They can top 15 feet at shore in extreme weather [and anyone who lives in NE ohio knows that when I say "Extreme", I mean apocalyptic, end of the world, wrath of god type weather. We have some of the most extreme weather in the continental US, right here ] On average, the waves topple in at 2-5 feet, and the Rip-Currents are very strong due to the Break-Walls built along the shore.

So what good is a 3 foot wave that would certainly capsize your boat, and how is that more fun than rocketing a boat down a sheet-of-glass style pond? Let's just say, with an out-drive, you can surf a wave, out-run it, come back, and grab 6-10 feet of air, and stick the landing [with practice, grasshopper, and be ready to swim during said practice.] I know every boat manual says dont swim after a sinking boat. Well, I say, to hell with that. My mother put me through 12 years of arduous swimming lessons, and eventually I got into scuba diving as well, so I am like a shark in the water. If you can't swim, don't try to get the boat back, use a fishing pole. If you can swim, go get it before your investment becomes property of the Catfish Union.

In closing, yes, my Villain EX is heavily modded. 10 Feet of air out of the box is impossible. 'Sticking' the landing without adjusted trim tabs is more like a backwards missle headed for the bottom of the lake.

Bottom Line:

[Rudders/ Direct Drive] :: If your lake/pond resembles a precision-CNC milled piece of marble, a direct-drive/rudder boat will give you what you need (speed, of course), but I think of that as being nore more exciting than running an RC car in a parking lot (which is fun), but with far less control... boats can do a lot more if you add in a few bumps (waves).

[Outdrives/Dynamic Drive] :: You'll get, like, [dy/dx]f(x)= csc^2[C*LN(AO/AL^2)]*[V^2*F] of air! (with waves).

** C= Coefficient of Drag [LN(current*hull / VF^2)]
** AO= Derivative Arc Angle
** AL= Arc Length
** V= Velocity
** F= Force

Videos and pictures coming soon. Filming today!
Old 06-19-2006, 01:07 AM
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Default RE: Traxxas Villain EX vs. MRC Triton Cat

Hey I have had 2 villians (villian 4 7.2 volt and the new 14.4 volt ) and they are a blast to take wave hopping.Also one of the fun things I like to do is run it full speed toward the shore and about 10 feet from !!CRASH!! full left or right and do a 180 splashing the kids with water. The 14.4 ex does great donutes. I have no modifications on my boats and am still having great fun.
Old 06-22-2006, 03:12 PM
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Default RE: Traxxas Villain EX vs. MRC Triton Cat

I will second the Villain EX.

Have had mine over a month and it handles any type of water! The boat just rocks with numerous mods to gain some more speed. But RTR you cant go wrong. It is a great platform to learn on, especially all the electronics and combinations. And if you really want it to scream upgrading all of these things is possible and will handle really well. There was a video on here of one going almost 30 MPH. Screamed across the water and I am sure give the other boats n the area a moment of envy.
Old 11-11-2007, 07:17 PM
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Default RE: Traxxas Villain EX vs. MRC Triton Cat

I heard if you make a hard turn at full throttle with a villain ex you will shred the reduction gears is this true (not that i would do it with the flex joints on the outdrives and all).
Old 11-12-2007, 03:41 PM
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Default RE: Traxxas Villain EX vs. MRC Triton Cat

I think it just comes down to what style you like, cat or deep v. The Villain comes with better electronics- esc instead of mechanical speed control, 14volt motors instead of your standard silver can motors but either will do for a first boat and to get more out of them they will have to be modded quite a bit like Pompebled is doing with his anyways. I haven't seen a villain go 30mph without being heavily modded. EI just the hull is a villain. I've seen a 24 mph (gps confirmed)from one with minor mods.

I don't own the Triton cat, I do own a modded villain but I would think the cat modded in the same way would perfom just as well. Here is a vid of mine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g84KYQHofyg

Hurry up Pompebled with that mod, I'd really like to see it.

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