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Snap5 07-23-2021 11:34 AM

First Post.New to the rc hobby game. FiSonicwake advice please!!
Good day, I'm about to purchase a Sonicwake 36 when it becomes available next month. I only taken interest in the last 2 weeks in this sport. I already plan to order the Spektrum Firma 160A smart esc/1250Kv Sensorless Motor Combo. I don't know what servo to get. The Spektrum S6245 Digital High Speed High Torque Waterproof Metal Gear Servo or The Spektrum S6250 high Torque low profile servo. I'm also planning on getting the Savox 0231 and Savox 1210. Along with the Sonicwake Upgrade Kit from OSE. Running Spektrum lipo batteries with the dx5 rugged. I only have access to saltwater and know about after run care. I have no clue what I'm doing as I have only seen YouTube videos and what I have read in forums. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hydro Junkie 07-27-2021 07:12 PM

If you're going to run in salt, I'd consider using a chemical conversion coating(we call it Alodine in the aviation world). You can get Alodine from Aircraft Spruce or Amazon. I would talk to Aircraft Spruce as they would be more likely to know which type to use in this application since they deal in aviation and aviation supplies They can be reached at Pilot Supplies and Aircraft Parts | Aircraft Spruce
BTW, Welcome to the hobby and the addiction, I'm sure you will understand the "addiction" part as time goes on ;)

Snap5 07-27-2021 07:14 PM

Thank you very much, just ordered the boat today, should have it in 2-3 weeks. Greatly appreciated going to look it up right now.

Hydro Junkie 07-27-2021 08:37 PM

Just a reminder, you don't want to use Alodine in place of a proper cleaning after running in salt water. Alodine is used, in aircraft, to help prevent corrosion. By itself, it's not a "cure all" that can stop corrosion before it starts. It's like putting a coat of wax on a car. It helps protect the car from the various things that will get on the paint but it won't stop everything from getting to the paint. Hope that makes sense

Snap5 07-28-2021 12:10 AM

I saw that gonna get some cow-formal from cowrc

mfr02 07-28-2021 01:19 AM

The normal after run care for salt water (our lake is a sea defence lagoon and salty) is to pour fresh water over the boat at the end of the session to flush away surface salt, and to do regular servicing on the external metal bits. And, early in its life, a treatment with CorrosionX on the electric bits. Wherever they operate, boats are in a damp environment, and once damp gets in, it stays in unless measures are taken, like storing the boat with open hatches.

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