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Shock issue

Old 03-09-2012, 09:17 AM
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Default RE: Shock issue


Exactly. Enjoy what has been given to you, someday you will be forced to earn things. And trust me, aerospace engineer is not that impressive. Engineers are design monkeys, they play no other real part but to come up with the designs. You would be out of luck without people like me, kid. I have two years solid training in machining training as well, and some years out-of-school experience. I can run manual and program CNC. I can make ANYTHING you can design, and even things you can't understand. I had a minor engineering background by the time I was your age, and have also taken enough classes in technical design to devise my own parts in blueprints. The amazing part? What you do, could not be done without guys like me. Machinists make one of two things: EVERYTHING, and if not everything, then they make the things that make everything. You cannot touch anything that a machinist hasn't had a part in, because outside of Amish country, it don't exist.

I am also putting myself through college, while maintaining my share of of the house my fiancee and I share. Yea, robotics sounds cool. Sounds even cooler when you realize I am learning LOGIC controls, which is how the robot THINKS, I am learning optical arrays as well, which is how they look at things, and detect size, color, shape, orientation, and more. Better yet, there is an actual solid demand, nationwide, for the things I do. I don't feel I could say the same for you. Whats more is i just interviewed and got accepted at a job doing machine work for Allen-Bradley, who holds a lions share of the industrial controls market. Right back to making the things that make the things. Do I sound like an elitist? Yes, yes I am. Because son, in the general scheme of life and the job market, guys like me are rock stars while you are little more than an indy punk band cutting your teeth in a garage somewhere. So go ahead and belittle me and what I am doing, I will laugh just the same, because I have the EXPERIENCE to know better.
Yeah...+1 for robotics...hell +100. There is no cooler industry...until they take over the world, that is .
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Default RE: Shock issue

^naah, they will keep fahrtauto around to fix their killing arms.
Old 03-09-2012, 11:40 AM
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Default RE: Shock issue

THis thing went sideways. I think the OP got feedback and good information before this came off the rails. May she rest in peace at the bottom of the RCU database abyss with the many other locked threads...

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