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Durability Bashing vs Racing

Old 07-09-2012, 08:52 AM
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Default RE: Durability Bashing vs Racing

ORIGINAL: phmaximus

Hey Guys,

Ive been thinking... There is a conception that Bashing is harder on our r/c vehicles than racing.

When I bash its generally in open areas or my back yard that i know like the back of my hand.
Latelty im finding that im breaking more parts on my local race track than bashing.... Am I the only one experiancing this???

Im putting it down to when I bash there is generally nothing to crash into, but on the track there is just no room for error. The smallest mistake can cascade into a path of destruction

How are u guys going, where do u break the most parts??? Extreme Bashing does not count, or bashing in a forrest full of things to smash into
As a newbie to the sport, I think the term "bashing" is kind of crazy. To me, "bashing" is ramming a vehicle into something, almost coming off as if there is intent to destroy the vehicle. I just bought a brand new SC10 2wd and so far I've been running it in some wide open fields in a couple of parks near my home. I just don't consider that "bashing". And I hardly think that kind of use is harmless to the vehicle.
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Default RE: Durability Bashing vs Racing

It's a little crazy, but I just accept the fact that on this forum (and many RC forums), "bashing" just means "goofing around but not racing". Depends on the individual how hard you are on the RC. Anything from running on asphalt to 20-ft jumps is "bashing", depending on the person.

It is a rather violent term though.
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Default RE: Durability Bashing vs Racing

ORIGINAL: phmaximus

well at least im not the only one.


In a way I would kill for that, I would be out there with a shovel fixing it up..
well problem modding the BMX thing is city property, and is a crime to modify (as well as its by a place cops love to park, and waste time)
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Default RE: Durability Bashing vs Racing

I'd talk to the city about it. Let them know you want to make it better, which would make it LOOK nicer, which is a win-win for everyone.

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