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Guide to Buying Driveshafts/Axles

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Default Guide to Buying Driveshafts/Axles

This is a collection of my opinions on many of the most popular aftermarket driveshafts and axles. This includes driveshafts for all types of cars. Everything listed I have owned personally and bought with my own money, so these are honest assessments. Feel free to add any experiences in the comments below.

1. MIPs: Probably some of my favorite aftermarket driveshafts/axles and some of the most well known. These are probably the beefiest shafts I've seen being solid, made in America, steel. However, this is also their biggest downside. Steel likes to rust, and just a little water tends to make these guys seize up tight, especially in the CV joint, meaning they need to be inspected and cleaned regularly (something most users won't do in a real-world application). These are some of the most expensive too. If you're running a high-powered setup and plan to stay dry, you can't beat 'em, but be ready to pay up. They also make these shafts for just about every name brand vehicle out there (most Traxxas, Axial, Losi, and Vaterra trucks) which means they'll probably make some for your RC. I own multiple sets and would buy again for sure.

2. Tekno's: Tekno is a newer company, but are giving MIP a run for their money. I personally had both front and rear Tekno axle sets on my Traxxas 1/10 Rally and really liked them. Unlike the MIP's which use a CVD style shaft, these are a CV joint on one side and standard dog bone cup-and-axle setup on the other. This means that they are simpler and less likely to fall apart (a common complaint of MIP's or other more sophisticated driveshafts/axles that use multiple set screws). An added bonus, many of their kits include new bearings and hubs for cars (Traxxas Slash 2wd and 4wd, Losi SCT, etc.) so you also get a free bearing change along with a driveshaft upgrade. Also cheaper than most MIP kits depending on vehicle, although not as beefy (still never seen one break). Would definitely recommend for run-of-the-mill weekend bashers or casual racers.

3. RC4WD Punisher Shafts (currently only for crawlers and trail trucks): So far only own one of these guys, but will be buying more in the future. RC4WD offers almost 100 different variations of these shafts, with different lengths, materials, and bore diameters available. They also make them for specific kits (like the Axial SCX10 and Wraith) if you're just looking for a stock upgrade on your relatively factory rig. For those of us who like to customize our rigs, these shafts are awesome since there are so many different lengths and bores available. For use on my SCX10, they seem to be about on par with MIP's, only about $10 cheaper per set of two. Would recommend to anyone into crawling/trail riding, especially if building a custom rig.

4. Hot Racing driveshafts: Definitely made in China, and often appear to be rip-off designs from MIP or RC4WD. I've owned a couple of these and don't really have anything bad to say. They work, and work well for the price. They are made in different materials, but I've found the steel ones to be the best bet (cheap aluminum never turns out good). They are more on the price point of many of the offerings from Integy, but seem to be a notch up in quality. I would recommend these for someone on a tight budget, but if you can, more name-brand shafts/axles are worth the money, especially for high-powered setups.;c=444

5. Integy driveshafts: Have owned multiple sets, and would NOT own again. Others have had better luck, but these driveshafts/axles are cheaper for a reason. Had a set on a Traxxas Rustler and the stub axle bent during the first run, meaning I had to hack saw the axle in half to get them off. I've seen many others with similar experiences. These are the only shafts/axles on this list that I would not at all recommend, not even over stock parts. They are simply a waste of money, and their quality is extremely hit or miss. Save your money for something else.
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Ahh glad to see Integy hasn't let their Quality slip any... and go up to the point they actually become useable

Had some HR knuckles, and c-hubs, and can't complain about their quality
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I've never owned Tekno shafts but they do look nice. I've been tempted to get a set for my Traxxas 1/10 Rally but I'm not too fond of the dedicated knuckle. The size of the Tekno stub axles and oversize bearings means you have to use their knuckles making replacements a little harder to get. Just something to keep in mind and check for on any of their other kits that include knuckles with their shafts.

I may still get a set of the Tekno's though. They look like they should be a bunch lighter than the MIP and even the Traxxas ones. Plus they have 6mm diameter stub axles and I don't like giving Traxxas $ for upgrade parts that should've been included on the brushless models.

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