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Need some help with a Redcat Get 7

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Default Need some help with a Redcat Get 7

I'm in my 40's, but my son is 8 and really wanted to get into RC. We bought him a cheap basher off amazon for 150$ to mess around with. When we got it, I drove it for first 5 mins and literally wheels were falling off, axle pin broke and the battery was dying after 5 mins..

So we sent it back... and decided if we want him to have a quality car, we had to step up..

So we bought him a redcat gen 7.

He drove it for a week and it was great, then something broke on it every single time he tried to use it. He's had it for about a year now and it spends most of the time sitting in the garage waiting for parts.

I've learned that I really should have spent more money to get a truck that's built better (metal parts).

Anyways, I decided everytime it breaks, I'll fix the part with a metal part.

So far I've done
-all aluminum shocks
-about 9 front axles..
-both diff gears (switched to metal)
-alum castor mounts
-alum steering hubs
-alum bumpers front and back
-alum axle cover bushings

*every part I replaced wss because the stock part broke.

As I've said, its been really frustating that he will get new parts, play with it for 20 mins and something new breaks. I wish I bought a better quality truck, but in Canada, the Gen 7 was about 400$ as is.. My son is not hard on it, but it just seems to fall apart..

I'm hoping being on here I can learn how to fix this thing to be better

I was wondering how come the front axles keep snapping? I have adjust the suspension based on youtube videos a few times because it seems the wheels have a funny angle when they are turns and its caused the axles to be at a awkward angle and causing them to snap.. I've tried to adjust the suspension so the wheel aren't tilting so the angles are better, but it doesn't seem to help. Is there a better way to set the suspension up to fix that?

The last part that broke was his steering hub carrier. I've been ordering parts for the car off a particular website, so I ordered those hub carriers from the same website. When I got them and installed them, the were different than the stock and it made the wheels toe out a LOT. I read a bit and read that you need to bend the steering link so that it makes it shorter. I did this and holy I had to bend it a lot to get the tires to point straight. Now that steering link sags down very low. I need a better solution.. I can't post the link to the carrier I bought but its from the website RCAWD

*Is there a steering link I can order that would fix this issue? If not, what's my options?

Any help would be very appriciated. I just want a truck my son can drive around without it breaking on him. I understand stuff breaks and it can be an expensive hobby, but I watch him use it and he never does anything extreme with it. mostly driving around on the grass and going up and down some hills. He doesn't use it to rock climb, go in water etc.. he doesn't bash it either. The only thing we did with it that would be our fault is using it outside in the winter.. The cold made the plastic bumper brittle and it snapped on him.

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The plastic in the chinese made car is more brittle than say in a japanese made car. The car's probably a copy of someone else's car made with inferior plastic. That's what I've found.

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