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what mt should i get

Old 12-30-2009, 11:44 PM
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Default what mt should i get

i am looking to get my first nitro mt. i have 250 dollar limit and i can buy used. i am looking at traxxas revo and t-maxx. hpi savage and a associated mgt 3.0 anyone have any other suggestions or the one theyrecommend. allreply swill beappreciated
Old 12-31-2009, 12:18 AM
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Default RE: what mt should i get

why u post this type of things here. post about cars. my Favourite Ferrari.


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Default RE: what mt should i get

ORIGINAL: Carnut1420

why u post this type of things here. post about cars. my Favourite Ferrari.


Drunken post?

I'd go with Traxxas Revo if I were going to settle for nitro.
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Default RE: what mt should i get

You can find some great deals on the associated 3.0 mgt, and I have heard its a good truck. I personally really like the Cen fun factor 3.0. It has a 2spd trans and has a 3.0 motor. I owned the older version with the .16 motor, and it held up great, I really enjoyed beating on this truck, and it held up terrifically. They have a more updated digital radio also. They are also quite fast. I do not like traxxas mainly because their motors are a pain to tune.
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Default RE: what mt should i get

A used savage is going to cost around $180-220 and chances are your PROBABLY going to need an engine which at low ball figure is about $100. and around another $100 to get the supplies to run.

Don't expect engines that came with used vehicles to work always budget and pay around the fact you might have to replace it soon.

I've bought 2 used nitros with engines both of which were said to run fine.
One of the engines was completely worn out and would lose compression after it warmed up, it was my 1st hobby grade RC overpaid on it and learned the hardway about used nitros.

The other (came on my savage) and was completely shot. The engine had rust in it (guy shipped it with its last tank of fuel STILL IN IT) it was ran so lean it wasn't funny, piston top was black, the piston sides and sleeve was scored up, carb was screwed up guy over tightened the needles, and the starter plate was broke cause he over tightened the screws. Oddly though with all that wrong I did manage to start it to find out it had so many airleaks the slide on the carb actually did NOTHING to control the throttle. But I planned on a new engine and bid accordingly on the auction(mainly due to it sounding like the guy didn't even bother to break it in). On the other hand the savage had 3-5 ultra light scratches only on its front bumper and the top almost had a hole worn through it cause it spent so much time on its roof

BTW Savages kick ass and can take tons of abuse

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