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cetme308 05-15-2015 06:54 PM

Help me work out this connector confusion
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I asked the local hobby store what I should get for a hump pack for my Savage X 4.6 that I hadn't bought yet as I was waiting for it to be back in stock later that week. He told me to get the traxxas one as it will plug 'right in'. And, he had the adapter, Traxxas High Current Connector to Receiver Pack, so that I could charge it using my current charger. So, I'm thinking awesome. Well, I get the truck and blah blah, I go to plug the hump pack into the connector with the switch and ahhh ***. Its a different type of connector. Using the picture I attached below, the switch has the A type and the pack has the B. Now sure I can plug that pack right into the receiver but I have to take off the cover thing every damn time I start and stop. I checked to see if traxxas makes a adapter so I can can what I need but it don't appear so. Anyone got a link, using tower hobbies if at all possible, to something that would work? Thanks.

Bah, think I got it. The pack is a male futaba j and the switch is a female bec. This will allow me to to do what I need, correct? http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin...?&I=LXTUL0&P=7


collector1231 05-15-2015 07:31 PM

So the battery has the red one with the receiver with the black one? If so, you can plug the red into the black connector; just watch your polarities.

RustyUs 05-18-2015 01:46 PM

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I think the OP is using a switch in between the battery pack and the receiver....something like this?
Instead of putting an adapter between the battery and the switch, I probably would solder a female J plug on the input side of the switch and thus eliminate the extra connector... so it would look something like...

cetme308 05-19-2015 08:54 AM

Yeah there is a switch and I have no solder equipment so adapter it shall be.

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