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brkosebay 04-01-2020 12:14 PM

Kyosho Pureten Alpha 3 EP Modifications
Hello everyone,
So, I am quite new to the hobby and recently, I have found my dads Kyosho Pureten Alpha 3 EP in storage, and brought it with me to play around with it. I cleaned the whole thing and lubricated things that needed to be lubricated, set the gear mesh etc. Pretty much prepared it for a run. I only got the chance to run it properly once and mid-run the suspension shaft decided to bend and head out (it was a diy job I later found out). Since then I have replaced the suspension shaft with the proper part and now just waiting for the weather to be better so that I can run the car again. Anyway, during all of this I have done quite a bit of research about the car and just couldn't find many modifications to do in order to make the car better. I am going to be buying a ball bearing set since the car only uses metal bushings and I am also planing to buy on-road tires since the area I use the car is flat concreate. Does anyone know any mods/upgrades I can do to my car to improve anything? All information regarding the car (if anyone has some) will be much appreciated. Have a good day folks.

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