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Mauronic 04-08-2020 07:02 PM

Feedback Wanted: Wireless HD module made for multiplayer RC car gaming

Me and a small team of guys have spent the past 2 years developing a wireless HD module designed specifically for multiplayer RC car racing and gaming. With AI powered marker recognition, you can turn any location into a race course.

We have been testing it privately here in Los Angeles for the past year and the feedback has been great so far. We need more feedback (and later testing) of our latest generation prototype. But due to COVID, we can't do demos anymore!

So, we decided to share what we are working on with people remotely via Zoom. If this sounds interesting, you can apply here to be a beta tester (takes 2 mins): https://forms.gle/vtmwvgS5M7Yu7Hy7A


ingrowzelqui 06-24-2020 04:26 AM

Now that's interesting..

herpawearo 06-24-2020 04:27 AM

Wow. AR gaming..

herpawearo 07-04-2020 12:55 AM

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