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obrien135 12-26-2020 08:19 AM

Question about wiring on a Traxxas Slash two-wheel drive
Does anybody know what the wire gauge is on the battery to ESC connector wire on the Traxxas Slash two-wheel drive? I know I think it's a seven c battery which would mean at the burst current would be 14 amps so I think 16 to 18 gauge or 14 to 18 gauge wire would be good enough and appropriate connector but I'm not sure can someone verify this?
Couldcould I put an appropriate size connector in series with the connectors for the battery that came with it?I already cut the wires thinking I would put the connectors in series so that when the connector wires break off the standard ones I could just take the wire off rather than take the ESC out so I'm not sure what the truck thing to do to fix it is maybe I should just solder it really solidly but I like the trip putting connectors in if I can and is anybody having suggestsuggestion

seedygreenute 12-27-2020 04:22 PM

14 gauge .
Are you wanting 2 plugs on the ESC battery wires ???
It is possible , but you end up with a live plug dangling in your car which would need insulating so it wont short .
Better to just change the connectors on your batteries to one type .

obrien135 12-28-2020 07:04 AM

Hi thank you for your response. I guess what I was thinking about doing was adding some either bullet connectors or Spade logs in series with each leg of the ESC to battery connection so that I could remove the battery connector from the ESC if it comes loose from the connector again rather than bring the whole ESC up into the apartment because my wife doesn't want me to bring the whole car up into the apartment and he is kind of a pain to remove everyone else that will leave some edges dangling but I was going to have it insulated with gorilla tape or perhaps featuring tubing I was just going to lose while it's running and throughout the battery but it's not a lipo battery I just have a nickel metal hydride battery so maybe that's not too dangerous what is your opinion?

seedygreenute 12-28-2020 08:39 PM

I think I understand now .
You really should not need to do it if the connector is soldered well .
Always pull on the connectors , not the wires .

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