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Andy110675 09-02-2021 02:21 AM

losi DBXL diff problem
Hi this is my first post.I have bought a losi dbxl 32cc and i am having problems with the diffs.When i lift the back end up and rotate the rear wheels together they run easily without the front ones moving and the same if i hold the front wheels off the ground and rotate them they move easily even with the front wheels locked on the floor.But if i lift the car off the ground and turn one wheel the opposite wheel turms as it should in the opposite direction.So my question is could it be the center diff needs replacing.

1QwkSport2.5r 09-03-2021 04:32 AM

I would definitely look at the center Diff. While you’re in there, you can adjust the viscosity of the lube to alter the center diff’s action if so desired. I think a lot of times the center diff lube needs to be thicker than what the factory uses.

Andy110675 09-03-2021 04:55 AM

Thanks for that i have opened it up and there is no lube in the diff it is just like a coating of thick sticky black crap.

1QwkSport2.5r 09-03-2021 05:25 AM

Clean it out really well to remove the old lube and replace the lube with something thicker. Usually there are two types of diffs - sealed and unsealed. Sealed diffs can use silicone Diff oils and unsealed diffs use grease. Depending on the style you have will point you to what type of lube you need. I would do a little searching to get an idea of what you need. I’m not familiar with your specific truck, so I cannot say for sure what you’d want. Usually a racer will use a thinner lube than a basher, so consider that when you’re researching. Sorry I’m not further help.

Also - we’re the gears inside the Diff in good shape?

Andy110675 09-03-2021 05:47 AM

That's great you have been a great help thanks again.

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