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Clown 06-06-2003 04:20 AM

Why wont my engine start?
My Engine wont start because it doesnt have any fuel in the carbarator or in the fuel line. I have already changed the lines so it isn't blocked and when i cover up the exhaust and/ot the carberator hole and pull the pull starter it wont suck any fuel up. What should i do?

By the way it is a GS .15

Dadams2205-RCU 06-06-2003 04:34 AM

Why wont my engine start?
Try putting your finger over the exhaust pipe hole and then pull the pull starter.

Clown 06-06-2003 05:03 AM

Why wont my engine start?
that doesnt work either!

Rex2342 06-06-2003 05:08 AM

Why wont my engine start?
Did you check to make sure your fuel tank isn't cracked?Are you leaking fuel from anywhere?Try blowing into the pressure line and see if that gets the fuel to the carb.My rustler doesn't have a primer and covering the stinger doesn't always work and thats how I do it.Just make sure the pressure line is clean before you put it in your mouth.

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