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billinpa 11-18-2020 05:02 PM

Team Associated RC-10GT 27mhz to 2.4g
Hello All! I have a nitro RC-10 GT with a .15 nitro engine and a 27mhz HiTec radio with a non functioning Traxxas receivefr. I want to convert it to 2.4. Nothing fancy or expensive, just something to knock around with. Am I in for any surprises or is this a simple swap? 30 years flying r/c airplanes, new to cars and trucks. Thank you for any tips and advice. BTW I'm looking at either a simple 2 or 3 ch. Spektrum or Tactic radio. I fly with Tactic.
Bill in Pa.

rgburrill 11-19-2020 04:31 AM

Should be no surprises at all. Take out the older receiver, store the old radio wherever you put your memories (round file if that's what you want) and replace with a new, low cost one. The servos should be fine. I do suggest you replace the receiver battery, too, but just go with a low cost NiMH. It's amazing how much capacity they have now.

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