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GYU HOBBY RC 06-04-2021 12:38 AM

Again, 4S are powerful. Big Rock!!
I drove it after upgrading from Big Rock 3S to 4S.
4S have different powers.
Hobby Wing series
Transmission MAX10 SCT 120A
Motor 3660SL G2 Brushless motor 3200KV
The price-performance ratio is good.
There is a slight heat cut phenomenon, but even if the pinion is lowered a little
Speed doesn't seem to be a problem.
Currently it is a pinion gear 15T.
It's a fun little car. ^^

Arrma Big rock crew cab V3

-Part upgrade-
ESC : Hobbywing EZRUN MAX10 SCT 120A
Motor : Hobbywing EZRUN 3660SL G2 Brushless motor 3200KV
Tire : Pro-Line Racing Trencher HP 2.8" All Terrain BELTED Truck Tires Mounted, AP6336 6x30 to 17mm Hex Adapters
Battery : DXF 8400mah 120c 4s
Gear : 32DP Motor Pinions Gear for 5mm shaft - 15T
Shock : GPM Aluminum rear heavy-duty adjustable damper (front 102MM, rear 115MM)
Whee Nuts : Aluminum Wheel hubs 17mm Hex Nuts

Runtime : About 15 minutes

nyczalex 06-07-2021 12:23 AM

That is sick , what is the top speed on that? Looks a lot of fun.. good speed and tank but the runtime of 15 min sounds absolutely short :P
What is total price you put into your vehicle so far?

btw, i am new to this and looking to get into hobby, atm looking to get my first car but ive been watching a lot of videos.. good stuff!! im excited!

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