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Hotpipe 03-06-2020 07:49 PM

Pan car tires anyone making there own?
Been messing with my old bolink pan car eliminator sport to be exact.. Game plan is for a drag car set up.. Wheels tires been updated to 1/8 scale pan car wheel tire combo.. Custom cut wheels a set of 2 wheels per side. Runing foams on it for now but look for any one making custom rubber tires or even custom making there own foam donuts.. Resent up graded motor to brushless system 4300 kv 4 pole motor not exact on how many turns. Guessing 10t to 12t motor 60 amp esc lipo 2s. 5200 mil amp 50c battery gearing 60t spur 24 pinion 48p..any help would be appreciated.

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