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Rocket-J 10-16-2016 12:30 PM

Sakura D3 CS
I just got my new Sakura D3 CS car. It is the best I ever bought. I have not had very many. I am new to this world of RC's.
My first was a Madspeed that I heavily modified. It is a great "parking lot drifter". Wide open sliding big arcs is very easy and fun but I cannot control all that speed on small indoor tracks. I see guys going very slow on 2' wide tracks, next to each other and can't come close to running with them. The Madspeed needs throttle to through is sideways.
This Sakura D3 CS is perfect for that. It makes me look good. The CS lets you go sideways with only steering, while holding a steady throttle. Fast or slow it acts the same. I can throw down 3 bean bags a foot or two apart. Slowly, I can weave around them only inches away. I was told that a CS car was hard to get use too. Not so with this Stock, out of the box car.
I am impressed and happy to drift under control now.

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