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E-Revo or Truggy for Bashing and occasional race

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Default E-Revo or Truggy for Bashing and occasional race

Hey guys, I am fairly new to RC after coming back to the hobby after 8 years, and have been bitten hard by the brushless bug. I have a Rustler VXL that I love, but am finding myself setting it up more for parking lot bashing then anything off road. That being said, I want to get something for dedicated off road use.
I would like something which is very durable and great for bashing, but still gives me the chance to race occasionally. I find that most bashing terrain is too rough for the rustler, and would like something with a bit more capability. 4wd and electric brushless are requirements for me.
I was thinking maybe an E-Revo Brushless or a Brushless truggy would be best, but I am not sure how they compare. I know the Truggy handles a lot better, is more durable, and is faster, but how does it compare for bashing on rough construction sites?
Are truggies really that much more durable then an E-Revo? There is nothing worse then going out with your friends and breaking something right away, leaving you to watch the rest of the time. Parts for the E-Revo are easy to find locally, but I am not sure about any of the truggies out there.
How about buggies, how much does their rough terrain capability and durability suffer compared to truggies? would a buggy better suit me?
If I go truggy, what would be the best to get for maximum bashing durability but still able to avoid embarrassing myself at a race? I have yet to try racing, but I am guessing 80% of my time would be spent bashing and 20% racing.
I know AE makes an electric truggy, how is it durability wise? What are some other options? Am I best off converting a roller?
If I go with an E-Revo Brushless, how likely am I to find some good racing? Is electric monster truck a popular class?
Do you guys find the E-Revo to be pretty bulletproof, or is it just waiting to break compared to a truggy? My Rustler needed a lot of parts to make it bulletproof, but now it can take anything. I was hoping to avoid that process again, but am more then willing to do it if necessary.
Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate it.
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Default RE: E-Revo or Truggy for Bashing and occasional race

If you're thinking of racing at all then go truggy w/ brushless conversion. Look for ones that have conversions for them. Tekin makes some of the best conversions on the market and they have them for the RC8T, 8ight-T (both 1.0 and 2.0) and MBX5T and 6T. Probably some others as well but those are the ones I'd look at.

I have an 8ight-t 1.0 w/ tekin and it's awesome, I don't bash hard so I haven't broken anything in neither that or the erevo brushless but 1/8 truggies are just built more durably. Aluminum chassis, shock towers... etc.
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Default RE: E-Revo or Truggy for Bashing and occasional race

Castle Creations also has some buggy conversion kits.
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Default RE: E-Revo or Truggy for Bashing and occasional race

If you want to race, you should find out what the classes are in your area. Racing is very class-of-the-month or class-of-the-year and monster racing is kinda rare these days. Eighth scale truggys, buggys, and tenth scale SC trucks are the big classes right now, but check in your local area to see what people are racing.
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Default RE: E-Revo or Truggy for Bashing and occasional race

i'd go for a truggy, i've heard they're jsut as bashable as savages so i'd go for a good truggy converstion with bigger tires if you want more basability

the lug
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Default RE: E-Revo or Truggy for Bashing and occasional race

Truggy, for sure. You can find nice prices on older models (MBX5T, 8ight-T 1.0). A buggy is a bad choice for a basher because of the lack of ground clearence (still better than a Rustler, though). The E-Revo is nice, but the durability doesn't compare to a decent truggy. Also, a good MT race is hard to least around here.

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