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TB-01 vs DF03RA

Old 04-12-2010, 12:19 AM
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Default TB-01 vs DF03RA

Hey all

So the TB-01 was an older (now discontinued) Tamiya model that came in a couple different rally car shells with a sealed gearbox and dust protector (fake drivers) etc. From what I can tell it was fairly popular. The official thread on RCUniverse showed a million and a half people using it for off-road purposes even though Tamiya lists it as an on-road vehicle. Looks like it didn't have very good ground clearance, but it did come with theaforementionedfeatures and rally tires.

The current rally-esque cars Tamiya makes all use this newer chassis the DF03RA. Tamyia lists it as an off-road buggy, but it some how doesn't mention a dust protector, sealed gears, or anything...just rally tires and a a great deal of ground clearance.

What's the deal here? The old on-road car comes with sealed gears and dust protectors but the newer rally model is a skinny little guy with big shocks...what is going on?

I was considering buying one of these kits...I'm assuming the DF03RA would ultimately better because it's not discontinued and thus has a good slew of replacement/upgrade parts readily there any reason I'd want to go with the discontinued guy? Like do the sealed gears and dust protector make it worth buying despite the fact that it may be harder to get replacement/upgrade parts for? What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Official Tamiya links:

New- DF03RA

Old- TB01

Old 04-12-2010, 03:07 AM
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Default RE: TB-01 vs DF03RA

I own both and the DF03RA is more capable as an off roader than the TB01. Some models of the DF03RA also come with dust shields I think the 07 Subaru does and one other but I can't confirm that as the model I own the 08 Subaru does not. If you could source out a DF03 shell i.e. the Dark Impact you can use it as a dust shield but again it will only work with certain body types because of the size. They both have sealed gears and are both shaft driven. You will be better suited going with the DF03 hands down it is a better car and as you said there are a whole bunch of parts readily available for the car. The only reason to get a TB01 now would be to collect it because Tamiya kits with driver figures are rare these days.
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Default RE: TB-01 vs DF03RA

it is just a df-03 (dark impact, keen hawk avanti chassis with on road set up.

U can buy df-03 buggy bodys as dust covers for prety cheap.

they have sealed gears and everything.

Also there are a lot of hop ups availablf for it and it can also use most of the standard df-03 buggy hop ups as well.
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Default RE: TB-01 vs DF03RA

Hmm, that's weird that they wouldn't design the RA to only use bodies that fit the dust cover. Kinda annoying, the 08 subaru was near the top of my I'm not sure If I want to take the chance of the dust cover not fitting underneath. Dust covers aside, it's good to hear the the RA also has a covered gear box and is indeed better than the TB-01 for off-road use. Thanks for your input, guys!

RC Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV - DF03RA Monte Carlo
-Dark Impact body included as chassis cover.

Edit X 2:

Emailed Tamiya...

"Dear Tamiya Customer,

Only the Mitsubishi Lancer DF-03RA kit #92203 includes the Dark Impact body
as an inner dust cover. Unfortunately Tamiya America has not been provided
the information as to why certain items are included or excluded from
different kits. More than likely the reason is that kit #92203 is a limited
release kit and the inner dust cover is an added feature.

Tamiya America
Customer Service"

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