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EXT2Rob 08-07-2011 11:19 AM

Iam new to LiPo, but my buddy has one and we've been using it. LiPo batts have a "balancing conector" that plugs into a separate module that plugs into a balancing port on the charger.This Ican understand. But Iam looking at a ProTek Prodigy 65 AC that says it has an "internal balancer" and apparently does not require a balancing module. How can this be? The description on A-Main Hobbies infers that the charger balances the battery thru the main connector. Idon't see how this would work. Do any of you have such a charger? I'm considering this ProTek because it comes with all needed connectors, whereas, the comparable Onyx 235 (both same price) requires you to buy all needed connectors and balancing module, and I'm a cheap *******. Anyone care to fill me in?


BigTb17 08-07-2011 12:59 PM

On chargers with a balancer built in they still use the balance lead on the battery. Typically there is simply a balance port or plug built into the charger itself that the balance lead from the battery plugs into, so you don't need an extra module.

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