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jkinosh 07-11-2012 06:51 AM

Battery and charging question
I have the dynamite Speedpack 1800Mah Ni-MH that came with my sons Torment on the charger right now. I had it set to limit capacity ot 2100 maH and it finished with the message of Capa on the charger, Thunder AC6. Are these packs really that under rated? I just restarted the charge with the capacity cut-off turned off and it put an additional 212 maH into to, for a totla of 2312 maH . Should I just call it charged when it hits the cut-off at 2100? or should I set it higher? Or Lower Don't want to damage the pack. I am charging at 1.8A

What about his lipo, it is a 5000 maH sky lipo 20c 7.2 hardcase, what should I set the cut off at?



Foxy 07-11-2012 11:01 AM

RE: Battery and charging question
In both cases, allow the charger to automatically cut off when it detects delta peak on the nimh and whatever peak detect system they use for the lipo. If there is no 'fully automatic' peak detect setting on that charger for nimh, you should set it to the capacity of the battery (1800). NimHs are particularly sensitive to being overcharged, they will start to degrade fast if they don't like the charges they are being given. Lipo represents a fire risk if overcharged (but would have to be a LOT overcharged), in any case, overcharging is likely to cause immediate swelling of the lipo, reducing its useful life and potentially causing fitment issues in the car. Don't mess with lipos, especially when they are so effective when used 'normally', there just is no risk/reward ratio to trying to feed them extra, it's all risk, no reward.

Short answer, use fully automatic peak detection (don't think you have a choice ont he lipo program anyway), and don't worry about the number of mAh on the screen, unless it's one day pitifully low, indicating death of the battery.

The video here might help... http://www.hobbypartz.com/thac6smbachw.html as you can see on the lipo charge, the user is not prompted to state the capacity of the battery. Also, ignore the guy when he says not to discharge them below 3.7v per cell, I think he must have been confused, since that's the nominal voltage of a lipo cell. Use 3.0/3.1, or even 3.2v per cell for extra safety, when setting the speed control cutoffs.

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