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Fife42 04-06-2014 05:14 PM

monster pirate
I HAVE A MONSTER PIRATE AND LOOKING TO SEE IF ANY ONE HAS A SORCE TO GET PARTS FOR IT. Just got it for $50 and it dont need much love and I know there great trucks so I want to get it 100% againg and any help will be great. Thank you all.

Mastertaco 04-08-2014 09:58 AM

i have some brand new replacement parts for it(most of the stuff i have is "NEW" just taken out of the package and mocked up and ran a couple times) i have a monster pirate i bought awhile back it had some kyosho MP5 bulkheads on it converted it to electric, tried the Monster pirate bulkheads its geared to high(dosent go fast enough) but i do have all the bulkhead parts, some CVDS that will work with a Monster pirate and a few other things(one way bearing for the pull start, full set of extra hinge pins, servo mounts, etc.)

I can make you a good deal on the stuff i got lmk if your interested(will be cheaper then parts from ebay)

but theres always parts on ebay most of the time i usually see a bit on there

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