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Wantning to purchase 1/8th scale on road

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Default Wantning to purchase 1/8th scale on road

Hey guys just need some input. Getting back into the hobby after 7 years or so, but looking to try something a little different. In the past I have had every type of off road car out there, and would like to try something different. I considered the HPI Baja, but I don't know, maybe later. For now I'm interested in the Mugen MRX5, which comes out mid October. How do these types of cars handle in particular? What kind of maintenance is required? Feels almost as if these types of cars are the super cars of the r/c world, which im fine with
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I don't know about "supercars," because in RC, nothing will turn at anything over approx. 45 MPH. If pure speed is all that matters, it's not a concern, but a "supercar" isn't all that "super," if it can't turn at speeds it is capable of.
BUT.......that said, as far as being great cars to drive, they ARE a great alternative to all the 1/10th scale cars out there, and what's also great about them is, a 4WD SCT truck can be modded into an excellent on-road car.

They will exhibit some sway while cornering, so sway bars would be a good investment. Wheels and tires are few, since there aren't many manufacturers that make 1/8th scale on-road chassis, but there are a few. Ofna is the first to come to mind.

Maintenance is the same, generally, as 1/10th scale on-road, which is to say, it depends on the chassis you get. Some will require very little, others will be an ongoing thing, depending also, on what you plan to do with it. If you plan to race, it will be a good idea to purchase spare parts for whatever chassis you get, such as suspension arms, screws, pivot pins, bearings, etc.,....
If you just plan to bash with it, no worries....just replace as you go.

Just be aware of the first thing I mentioned. 45 MPH is about the tops for any on-road chassis, as far as turning goes, so if that is of import to you, it's a good idea to keep the power system rated so it will run cool, and offer some speed, say, 55-60 MPH, tops, and it will still turn. I personally like seeing 1/8th scalers run. They are significantly larger than 1/10th scale, so act closer to a 1:1 car.
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If I was getting a 1/8th scale on-road I'd get the Ofna GTP2 as you can set it up for normal on-road driving, or gear it for ludicrous speed (141 MPH has been hit...) if you want a speed machine. I've seen vids where people cracked them up goin around 100mph, and the RC survived with very little damage (one I saw broke a body mount)
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I own an Ofna DM-1 spec e which is my all- time favorite rc car, but upgrade parts are scarce. Also, there aren't too many 1/8 bodies out there either. Mine is set up for parking lot bashing, but I have done speed runs with it too.
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Put a set of belted slicks of the correct shore per temperature, crank the wheel and turn the car with the throttle. My car turns on a dime and looks/ sounds like a real supercar. Screeching rubber and all.

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