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Rocket-J 02-02-2016 09:52 AM

Brushless upgrade on Madspeed.
I bought a Hobbywing Brushless motor and a new no name 120 ESC for my Madspeed Drift King.
It said the ESC was for a Hobbywing. I probably should have gone with the more expensive Hobbywing brand.
So, it does not work. The motor just shakes back and forth.
I have noticed the wiring color code is backward on the ESC from the Motor. The motor is A=blue B=yellow and C=orange.
The ESC is A=orange B=yellow and C=Blue.
I hate to experiment and ruin something.
Question is: Do all the Brushless motors and ESC have a common color code? Do I have a bad one? Is it important to match brand names?
Thank you.

collector1231 02-06-2016 02:23 PM

No, some motors and ESCs can be different, but by swapping around a wire or two, all it will do is run it in reverse. It could be bad, and you do not need to match brand names. Have you tried setting the endpoints/calibrating it?

Rocket-J 02-07-2016 07:16 AM

Thanks for the reply. I was able to get my money back and now I have a Hobbywing ESC on order.
The one I bought is a Tsky and it came with no instructions. I used instructions from Hobbywings web site and still could not get the calibration routine to work.
So hopefully the new Hobbywing ESC will do the job.
I learned my lesson on buying the cheapest stuff. I am not going to do any competition, just playing in the parking lot with friends. The local track is too slow for me. They run 2 feet per second on carpet. They are very good rear wheel drive drifters but it is not for me. Wide open power slides, big figure eights and spinning my nose around a bean bag is great fun.

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