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jadec241 11-05-2018 01:36 PM

FAI Fuel question
I have a Great Planes Stearman with a Gemini 120 4 Stroke engine. I picked up a gallon of FAI fuel. My question is can you use it in the Gemini or stick with the nitro fuel?

JPMacG 11-05-2018 06:24 PM

The OS user's manual recommends fuel containing 5% to 15% nitromethane. I think your engine will run on FAI, and probably quite well. The needles may be more difficult to adjust than with fuel containing some nitromethane. If by FAI you mean fuel containing 20% castor, the castor may be a bigger problem than the lack of nitromethane. The castor will gum up the engine over time. Fuel containing mostly synthetic might be a better choice.

By the way, nice engine!

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