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mooman007uk 10-22-2010 10:10 AM

Custom paint masks for 1/5th scale
if you have no artistic talent but want a fancy paint job masks are the only option, however xxxmain and others don't make them for 1/5 scale and 1/8 masks tend to look a bit iddy biddy on our bigger shells.

I wanted scallops for my pyrad body but couldn't find owt that would work and if i tried to mask some up they'd end up looking like the inside of a raw scallop[sm=confused_smile.gif]...Max to the rescue at [link]http://www.maxmask-uk.co.uk/20.html[/link] i sent him a few pics I'd googled of kinda the look I wanted and some pics of the pyrad body...he drew up a few and pdf'ed them to me...so now I got a perfect set coming...$13 shipped[X(] unbeatable value in my book considering the time spent drawing and emailing back and forth etc.

So if you want custom masks to your specs give Max a shout...a godsend for the artistically challenged:D

sheograth 10-22-2010 10:51 AM

RE: Custom paint masks for 1/5th scale
Very nice, I consider myself artistically challenged, I like.

frumpy 10-24-2010 05:21 AM

RE: Custom paint masks for 1/5th scale
I used this guys flame masks,good high quality masks....Highly Recommended AA++:D

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