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OiEWjh 12-01-2014 06:18 PM

No lubrication bearing shell material
No lubrication shaft bearing main materials tile or polymer still have carbon and the ink stone porcelain three big kind of tao.
In polymer still 1
Plastic polymer, also known as the material mechanical working process to make the material of plastic materials to say it is plastic workers blend. With fat tree into components, mainly including various plasticizer resistance still also stability agent oxygen agent still static electricity still prevent flame retardant agent, agents still is still strong and still increasing material machine high fill full of material.
Combined clustering objects, according to its special hot model two kinds big thermosetting for sex and gender.
Thermoplastic with the main physical properties are often polyamine gathering: acyl acetal polyene still still b four fluorine polyene still polyene c b still polyurethane etc. Is it still. Visible lines or with the chain structure of machine tumble has compound high, may be against the soft and hard and cold and hot hot plastic material. Plastic extrusion molding plastic still use sex workers still blowing pressure type still drawing art method such as square.
Thermosetting or property with the main often polyester tree still have phenolic resin tree ring oxygen, etc. It in the process industry, agents or the catalyst in the solid, this curing the complete, solid denier far as it can not melt into everlasting hot solid cohesion of solid materials. Plastic laminating with pressing still pouring method still into a mold.
Plastic materials often SKF Bearings guide rail system of shaft plug of live still remains zero ring, wipe the deputy pump water, such as cases, such as ChengGang shaft, crankshaft rolling bearings, bearing the tail ship is a special plastic materials, such as four fluorine polyethylene socket with no lubrication shaft. Pressure sheet PVC rushed into the lip ring type shaft sealing tile live still remains and ring a successful pad, etc, should be sent to lose to sew by belt machine typewriter still threading electromechanical still sing dish machine spinning pump water still still machinery still knitting industry and machinery farming equipment.
Have mass polymer or light still cut off still edge grinding MaRun still slide since corrosion still still molding workers still ChanYi Jane still high produce efficiency and special materials such as gold point. It is, the more can wipe in sex and environmental sensitivity of temperature and moisture viscoelastic still feeling show about sex strong mechanical degrees still play bottom modulus is still small lubricating oil, suction attached embellish sex differences.
Still 2 ink stone material
Carbon is by the ink into a set of elements of the materials metal non-carbon yuan. It is a kind of heterogeneous element 3, a body of crystal system belongs to the six party, by the angular ring surface into six layers, surface dimensions, flat layer and the structure of the crystal to the line with overlapping sequence.
According to the source of the ink Shi Tianlai for stone and made man two kinds of people. Carbon ink stone stone is made in Mexico with 2500 ℃ high stone materials by mass processing temperature and ink.
General stone conductive carbon ink good thermal resistance is still grinding still lubrication resistance since still fixed temperature is still high, stability, corrosion resistance and eagerness to learn ability strong corrosion rate than the thermal conductivity, compound line number is high, in the small bilge gas and big. Article greenhouse chrome plating surface of the table below and rate is very low wear and friction. But low in moisture loss embellish sex will slip coating wear-resisting coating. Can improve the ink grinding resistance of carbon layer.
But can be made of graphite solid without agent, lubricant grease tree can into the metal ceramic materials still still increase the tao, the friction material, also can be reduced to the brush material directly as a substrate, such as using the wooden paper material for textile engineering and quality still still avoid oil still high feed of shaft, the dynamic bearing slide, WenCheng shaft seal ring, thick slices, live scraping ring, etc.
With mechanical engineering material of carbon ink stone represents "" the symbol for the four class M, stone columns: carbon ink material material still electric ink material fossil carbon composite material and the ink still fat tree metal stone.
Tao 3 ceramic materials.
Porcelain clay is gold in a machine days but no mineral or material things as the original made the legalization, broken material by the formation of powder and the temperature is still high, and by the firing of no inorganic and small metal glass crystal body composition of glass phase is a gold with inorganic materials. Nonmetallic material, such as mine but days still long clay stone and so on is the original stone are still ChengLiao CiRen transmission system with series of ceramic alloy; Make the original system of material objects is a kind of mechanical ceramic process. With the mining industry is generally ceramic oxygen remains in the aluminized oxygen magnesium still titanium oxide, zirconium oxygen still lead carbon oxygen carbon silicon boride still still nitriding silicon nitride CBN still still people still make the original alloy materials such as ceramic types of porcelain manufacture for.
Porcelain to the degree of tao is decided on the big in its structure slightly including crystal feet, cloth and glass inches of glass, including each other of quality and quantity of mixed, quality and quantity still contain cloth points. Micro material and structure is caused by the original set and decision making work still art porcelain clay. Is total, with strong sex and high compressive stiffness is still high temperature resistant oxidation corrosion corrosion still still a temper is still not brittle quality still remain without extension impact resistance and sex.
Tao is a relatively new porcelain embellish shaft without Si3N4 tikvah don't sliding bearing materials, axis, it is the great of SiC and resistance and heat can sex is still very good corrosion resistance, learning friction is very good also.

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