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Aleck 10-19-2005 03:20 PM

First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
WOW, what a beast. This FG Monster Beetle ROCKS. I'm using premium unleaded from Sunoco and Castrol 2 cycle oil at 25:1. Ran the first tank of fuel thru it just now. Wheel stands are easy. Now I just need to get some skill driving. Been 20 years since I had an r/c car and it was electric. Just a bit of a diference. I'm thinking the local ball diamond is calling us. I was mostly driving in a gavel parking lot with lots of pot holes. Catching a bunch of air. Had a few cartwheels and endo's. To-night I'll show me buds and I'm sure there will be two more around here by next week.

StefanL 10-19-2005 03:22 PM

RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
Aleck, that sounds great. I love the big scale off roaders, the torque is amazing.

Don´t run it too hard if it is brand new though, if that´s the case the engine needs to be broken in first. A couple of tanks at medium revs will do it.

kengentry5000 10-19-2005 03:28 PM

RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
I'm with StefanL on this. Glad you are having fun but if you go above half throttle for the first couple of tanks you will not be breaking the engine in properly. One guy on the forum mentioned he ran his car flat out from the beginning and needed an engine after 6 months.

You should also be running NON-synthetic 2 cycle oil for the first two tanks for the break-in process.


Croozer 10-19-2005 05:34 PM

RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
Don't waste your money on premium fuel, the engine only has a 8.8:1 comp. ratio it will run no better than regular unleaded.

Good Luck, Have Fun.

J_D 10-19-2005 07:39 PM

RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
ahhhhhhhhhh all these threads... I can;t take it anymore. I have to have one!!

2pock 10-19-2005 08:35 PM

RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
Go ahead J_D do it ,do it :D :D :D :D

Aleck 10-19-2005 09:10 PM

RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
Yes for sure the break-in thing. Worse thing for a new engine is heat . Idling is not good either. I build engines for racing in boats and cars. I understand about breaking in a new engine as well as octane on fuel. My instructions sain premium fuel. So not knowing the specs on the compression and timing I did not want to take a chance on detonation.
Synthetic oil will come after a few gallons or break-in.

Australis 10-21-2005 06:46 AM

RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
Aleck, i hope you enjoy your new toy.
i have been away with work and i have just pulled my FG MT to bits to clean it up for a run, besides a few broken bits found, im as excited about
running it now as i was when i first got it.
to be honest, i think i run my truck harder than i first thought, as some pictures a few months ago in this forum will testisfy (bent chassis and more, that some may remember)

now you have to deal with which hopups you will get first, you will get many different ideas and opinions, all worth while,
but my 2 cents is an upgrade on the left rear arms to alloy, as they have a tendency to bend forward when landing on the rear end, pushing the arm
into the spur.
anyway, enjoy

Automan 10-27-2005 07:34 AM

RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
Yes, you should really take it easy the first 2-3tanks. And the best time to run in the engine would probably be in the winter time ;) as i did with my MT, and it runs just perfect now. The latest car i recently did run in... but it's hard to hold back on the throttle... i know it is :( but after you feel the engine loosen up, you know that you will have a engine that will hold up for a long time, and perform the best [sm=thumbup.gif] best way would be to let it cool down between every tank to.

Off topic: I have recently bought myself a Tamiya electric to play with when i cant for some reason use those big scales, and I'm now hooked on that rock crawling and truck trial bit, for now anyways. It's nice to have something else to thinker with ;) when i tried truck trial with my latest big scale.... well lets say it went well, but it felt more like driving a real car in truck trial, and felt a little scary to be around. It was just a little bit to much of everything ;)

Good luck with your monster there Aleck [sm=thumbup.gif]

I sure had some wow experience with my first big scale... even when i open up the package. And nowdays with my bigger scale it starts to feel like to much, to big, to wild, hard to carry, hard to keep the audience calm and not scared.... it's just to big :(

HeatFire 10-27-2005 08:18 AM

RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
lol yea this things are to big:) that's the good part.. but it also suck.. often i just dont go out and drive it cos it's to much weight to carry around.. but still i love my Marder... couldnt be happier driving RC:P

Automan 10-27-2005 09:31 AM

RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......
What i meant was these 1:6 monster are huge, and in my personal opinion on the very edge of being mobile for any longer walking distance with it. They do take up allot of space when driving, and are quite loud, so there is many times problems in finding places to run them. Other then that they are a real blast to drive, maximum fun :D

But i know now, getting anything larger then these monsters are just a fun wow experience the first times, then they will not be used much, and that is for the lack of mobility, it's just to big to walk with for more then a few meters, and will take up a very big place in the 1/1 car when driving that RC to it's playing-ground, and finding a place huge enough... man i have trouble turning around with it on a normal gravelroad... cant do it :( so there is very much limitations the bigger a car gets. So i guess the Fg 1/6 will be used much more then the other bigger one, and my new electric will be used much much much much much more then the Fg ;)

But i still love my big scale gasoline baby's [sm=thumbup.gif];)

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