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Dsx11 Crow Braking

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Default Dsx11 Crow Braking

Am trying to program my dsx11 transmitter for crow brbraking an any one help?
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Default RE: Dsx11 Crow Braking

The DSX11 manual on page 72 describes the crow braking system. It does it better than the manual for the 11X2.4 that is sold here in the US. In broad terms, I first set up flight modes and designate one as LAND. I do this as I want the BRAKE SYSTEM and its controlling device to be active only in this mode. The device that controls the BRAKE SYSTEM is the [DEVICE] set for AUX2 in the DeviceSEL menu. This was found to be true on my 11X2.4 and it is mentioned in the manual for XG11. The DSX11 manual doesn’t state this exactly. Experiment on your transmitter and verify it. This should still hold true whether AUX2 [OUT] is either INH or ACT. The default AUX2 [DEVICE] is the spoiler stick, which is what most people use for braking.

If you want the BRAKE SYSTEM to be on all the time, set the POS0 rates as you want them and zero out all the POS1 rates. Check the SW SEL menu that none of the select switches are on.

If you want the BRAKE SYSTEM to be on for only certain conditions, zero out all the POS0 and set the POS1 rates. Set the conditions you want for activating the BRAKE SYSTEM using the switches in the SW SEL menu.

Unless you have actual spoilers, you can zero out both the SPOI POS0 and POS1 rates. They are not needed.

If you set the BRAKE START POS at something less than +100, you will create a dead band or area between the stick full forward position and the position where the braking starts. It is usually best to set it to something like +95 so the stick can be off-position a bit before braking starts. The BRAKE START POS is not like an offset found in a mix. There is no negative region as you would have if you are on the wrong side of an offset setting. The default direction for employing the brake system is to pull the stick back. You can change this by the SPOIL STICK DIRECTION menu in the System List, page 99 in your manual.

On page 3 of the BRAKE SYSTEM menu, make certain the ELEV TRIM INPUT is INH while you are doing normal trimming. The ELEV TRIM INPUT function is described on page 72 of the manual. When the function is active, the elevator trim lever no longer trims the elevator. It has the same authority as the elevator stick and is a substitute for it while setting up your crow. Besides acting as the elevator stick, it sets the POINT-O OUT value in the graph on page 3.

As you may be aware, the elevator trim for GLID is done individually for each flight mode. I first set up my elevator trims for all the flight modes with the ELEV TRIM INPUT inhibited. The elevator trim for landing is with the crow off; it will likely be the same as the trim for CRUISE.

In preparation to using ELEV TRIM INPUT, it would be wise to set the elevator trim setting in the Function list TRIM SYSTEM to 10. While the trim lever has the same authority as the elevator stick when ELEV TRIM INPUT is active, it doesn’t react as fast. Next, pull up page 3 of the BRAKE SYSTEM on your transmitter display. Be certain that the graph it is showing is for the crow mode you are using. The ELEV TRIM INPUT works only on the graph that is displayed and not necessarily the one you want for landing. Delete the middle P-1 point. You will only need the P-C and P-O points for the initial in-flight setting of the elevator compensation.

If you are confident in your normal trim settings, you can before launch activate the ELEV TRIM INPUT; otherwise, leave it off until you are ready to start landing. At the start of landing, pull the spoiler stick all the way back and use the elevator trim lever to adjust the attitude. Keep you hands off the elevator stick while adjusting the attitude. Once you have found the correct attitude adjustment, land normally without changing the elevator trim lever setting. After landing, inhibit the ELEV TRIM INPUT.

This will set up a linear ratio between the spoiler stick and the elevator. Usually I leave the POINT-C value at zero as that point is set by the normal elevator trim for the LAND flight mode. There is a method you can set up multiple points on the curve in flight, but it requires a lot of concentration and dexterity. I did it for one of my planes and the result was nearly a straight line. I have found at the beginning of crow, with the flaps partially extended, more down elevator is required initially before the plane slows down than what a straight line provides. I tweak the setting points manually at the initial end of the curve.


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Default RE: Dsx11 Crow Braking

Thanks Allan

Perfect solution

Was the fact that Aux2 is assigned to the spoiler stick and the brake start position has to be a high figure that flummoxed me.


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