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Top RC Hobby 1200mm Swift

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Default Top RC Hobby 1200mm Swift

Assembled it. Very nice, well designed and solid plane. The foam is very hard with small beads just like you will find on the Multiplex Fun Jet Ultra. Fast for a 64 mm EDF, the literature claims 100 mph. The wing and stabilizer are very well reinforced. The wing spar is long and is solid carbon fiber.

The carbon spar fits into a carbon square tube. Snug fit, very strong and stiff wing. The square spar for the stabilizer was also a snug fit. It is best to get the square spars in the wing or stabilizer that is more snug first. Then the install on the fuselage will be easier.

The assembly was relatively straight forward and easy. I took time to plan the receiver location thinking space might be tight on account of the long ESC motor wires, but in the end found there was ample room for the Rx and the wires without interfering with the servo control rod movement. I used a Spektrum 610. The long antenna runs beside the battery which has not been a problem.

Used a six channel Rx so that I could have flaperon which slows it nicely for landings.

It will fit a 2200 mah 4s battery perfectly. My Gens Ace 2300 fits as well. This is the largest size that will fit and the battery as far forward as it will go.

The 2200 balanced at 75 mm. Manual says CG between 60-80 mm which is quite a good range. Will look out there for other 4s battery shapes that have higher mah as the CG looks like it can allow for that.

This is certainly not a beginners plane and if hand launching needs a good solid toss to get airborne. I am hoping that I will be able to simply launch it off short grass as it can be launched from a smooth hard paved surface or an artificial surface. Artic RC has a very good video on you tube.

After four flights I can say this plane flies rather well and slices the air with carving precision. Definitely not a plane for beginners. It is fast but not extremely fast and flight times were up to 3.0 minutes max with a 2200 4s mah battery at mixed throttle.

There are no recommended control surface deflection rates in the manual so had to guess. For the maiden, I set three rates for each aileron, elevator and rudder selectable with the switches on a DX9 transmitter. It ended up being easy to get a comfortable elevator and aileron rates and trim. Not much aileron trim was needed, but more elevator trim. Definitely recommend a programmable radio for this plane.

There is no ill effect in flight of having the fan mounted on top of the wing. It functions and flies very well, on rails as they say. Really excellent.

I don't hand launch anything so I made a small two wheel foam and wood dolly for takeoff and it works. The moment of takeoff is accomplished with an elevator to flaperon mix to help lift it more quickly and clear the dolly. Rudder rate is set on low as it is easy to steer.
By accident, I found the dolly is not really needed. On one takeoff run, the plane bounced off the dolly and finished its takeoff at full throttle sliding on the grass. I later tried a sliding on grass only takeoff and it worked fine especially with the use of elevator flaperon mix.

The cooling grill does attract grass, so I
taped on the cup of two plastic spoons on the bottom one at each end of the cooling grill which reduced the grass intake and also helped for takeoff directly from a short grass field, with good rudder control. Good fun.

I programmed the ailerons on two channels for two flaperon rates for landing and takeoff and interestingly elevator trim was not needed when flaperons are deployed. So when using the elevator to flaperon mix at takeoff the negative effect of this mix in flight after takeoff are minimal and there is time to switch off the mix.

The flaperons work very well to slow and bring it down for landings and prevent tip stalls. Without flaperons, the plane does glide and use up a lot of runway before touchdown.

My battery strap was too short. Pulled it out and easily installed a longer and thicker Velcro strap....perfect.

The more I fly it the more I like it. It is very well designed and reinforced in both the wing and fuselage. The foam very dense and strong with a very high quality finish.

I was so impressed I also brought in the Top RC Hobby 1500 mm Lightning, electric glider, which has an electric motor and folding propeller. These share the same fuselage. Both planes are well designed and constructed and excellent flyers. There is even a 2100 mm version of the Lightning with a middle panel allowing you to interchange between a 2100 and 1500 mm glider. Will see if I can get the middle panel as a part as it will fit the original Lightning glider.

Purchased the Swift from RC Castle and the Lightning directly from Top RC Hobby. Photos of my modified color scheme for better visibility attached.

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Default -

These are top 10 places in China.hopefully you will be happy to find these.
1- Beijing
2- Xian
3- Shanghai
4- Guilin
5- Yangtze
6- Lhasa
7- Jiuzhaigou
8- Lijiang
9- Zhangjiajie
10- silk road
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Default -

So many...I like most of the fighting games and shooting games that came out for DC, so its hard for me to pick a favorite. I guess GG or Garou would be my top two fighters, and Ikaruga would be my top shooter.

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