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Tow hook location

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cadman 2
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Default Tow hook location

If I use a tow plane, does the tow hook location mater? To be more specific, can I use a tow hook location above the plane of the wing on the nose of the fuse?
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Default RE: Tow hook location

Tow hook location makes a lot of difference in towing a glider.

The correct location on the towplane is essential or the glider owns the tail f the towplane if its too far aft... or if its too far forward you have the drag of the glider yanking the towplane's nose around (making straight flight virtually impossible).

The location on the towplane is just aft of CG (but not much!) And preferably on the surface of the wing. (which means high wing towplanes are prefered)

The hook location on the towed plane needs to be considerably further forward than what would be used for a high-start or winch launch... because the glider needs to have part of its control given to the towplane. This makes it easier for the glider pilot to follow the towplane.

Also plan on trimming the towed glider for high speed. (a few clicks of down trim) to prevent it from wanting to soar too high above the towplane. Its kind of embarrasing to the tow pilot to have his plane pointed down hanging from the glider. (and the only way out of that mess is to hit the tow release)

Its best if both planes have servo operated releases for the towline. Then if one gets in trouble the other can hit the release saving his plane and getting out of the way of the one in trouble's recovery attempts. (the guy in trouble never seems to remember to hit the release...)


Note full scale you can have the release on the belly of a low wing plane... the pilot in the glider can stay below the towplane and thust not cuase a problem. The models... the glider almost always ends up higher than the towplane.
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Default RE: Tow hook location

ORIGINAL: cadman 2

.... tow hook location above the plane of the wing on the nose of the fuse?
Is this glider a low wing type? That's what you imply at least.

All the RC gliders used for aero towing that I've seen or heard of use the tip of the nose as the tow point.
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Default RE: Tow hook location

I just did my first model aerotow over the weekend with two planes of my own. I put the tow attachment for the towplane just behind the trailing edge of the wing. I fly real sailplanes and models but don't know what I'm doing when it comes to model aerotow. The towplane was piloted by a friend of mine and we couldn't stay on long, every time he complained he couldn't turn the plane at all. Guess I'll have to move the attach point up to the CG.

The tow release on the glider was in the nose and I didn't have much trouble flying my end.

So anyway theres a first hand account of what a too far back attach point will do.

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Default RE: Tow hook location

I've made my mnistakes towing too...

I tried towing with a 4*60, with the towplane release at the rear of the canopy (actually penetrating the rear of the canopy...) THAT was a mistake. The location was too far above the wing and too far back.. it pulled the nose of the Four-Star up like crazy during the launch of the glider. (note to self... don't use 4*60 as towplane[&:])

A Kadet Sr with a .61 2-stroke on the nose and a long low pitch prop will tow most sailplanes up to 2.7 meters.... and some that are larger. Towhook on the Kadet SR would be just a little behind the main spar. (definitely not back at the rear spar) But you can do almost any strange thing you want with a Kadet Sr... they'll carry 2 times thier weight up modified for candy drops. and still tow a 2 meter sailplane.

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