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TD Task Competition help.

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Default TD Task Competition help.


I'm looking to try my hand at TD Task flying.

Can anyone give me some suggestions who have been there and done that to save me some time figuring it out on my own?

I have questions like what class should I enter? I know "Entry" level, not Intermediate or Advanced, but plane class like Woody, 2-Meter, or RES?

Also what planes would you suggest would be competitive for light lift conditions in said plane class? What's the top 5 planes in said class?

What is a good way to practice?

So far I have a high-launch and stopwatch. Will drag the wife out with me to practice countdown timing.

Anything else?

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Default RE: TD Task Competition help.

TD Competition Basics.
Get Out there and Fly a WHOLE LOT!! There is not a single WC or runner up that doesn't have a gazillion hours of stick time in all kinds of weather.
While you may only want to go out and fly when the Weather is nice , TD Contests take place in all kinds of Weather, so you might as well get used to it. Most Contests are Winched Launched Affairs so find a group to fly with that has a winch/es. Even if you spend most of your time launching off a high start you need to get comfortable with a winch.

Want to learn to fly a Sailplane ? Place a Wanted Ad for a tired but still flyable DLG. Nothing is a better education for a TD Pilot than flying a Hand Launched Glider . A lot of people have salvaged Contest Losing Flights Thermaling 10 Feet off the Ground for 2 minutes. A HLG will teach you more about reading air than any other plane.

I do not know if they are still available but Radio Shack used to sell a "talking" timer, mounted on your Tx or your Hip you hit the button when you come off the High Start/ Winch
and the time starts to count down from what ever duration you want to practice. This ais a great tool for teaching you time management. The 30 Second Method is what I was taught. At 30 seconds you want the Plane off of your shoulder on the Downwind leg of your landing pattern . At 20 sec you should be in the middle of your base leg turn , and at
10 seconds you should be on final headed for the landing spot. Of course you have to modify thses times based upon the strength of the wind , and the Plane that you are flying.

What kind of Plane ? Go back to the First Paragraph and get together with some other Glider Pilots see what they fly and perhaps get a little stick time on their Planes. If you are
lucky you will get to fly a plane that you feel "in sync" with. It will be "I gotta get one of these"!

Hope this helps , and take some time to attend some Contests this Year. Remember as a Newbie you might not be good enough to win , but then the winners were Newbies once
TOO. Perhaps the best thing about competing is how much knowledge you will take home at the end of the Day

Jim B

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Default RE: TD Task Competition help.


Sounds like you are looking to fly Tasks, not necessarily competition. However task flying would help you prepare for competition.

One approach would be to sign up for the League of Silent Flight task Program

This is a program that takes you throught a series of increasingly challenge and diverse soaring tasks. I am about to finish level 2.

Not knowing you current skills or knowledge level, you may find some of these resources helpful.


> Novice Lounge - The Eastern Soaring League

> Advanced Sport or Intermediate Competition Gliders


> Zoom Techniques

> Entering my first contest

> Choosing a Sailplane Radio - What to Consider
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Default RE: TD Task Competition help.


How are you doing? with your tasks. Do you need a list of tasks to work?

Level 1 - Getting Ready to soar

Prep of the plane - How to define tasks and success?


3 hand throws to at least a 75 foot glide with little or no input

10 successful launches: hi-start, winch electric or hand launch for DLGs. - Accumulated-not in row
10 successful landings: Flyable plane, landing within field

Level II - Establishing basic skills - All circle sizes are radius.

10 successful launches in a row - hand, hi-start, winch or electric

10 successful landings in a row - within a 50 foot radius circle

Level III build up of flight planning, soaring and control skills

5 5 minute flights with landings within 40 foot circle
5 10 minute flights with landing within 20 foot circle
2 15 minute flights with landing within 20 foot circle

After completing this program, the pilot can be considered a qualified sailplane pilot. He/she would be considered a competent pilot able to prepare, launch, fly and land with confidence and control. After completing this program, the pilot should feel confident to enter any kind of soaring competition knowing they have the basic skills.


> The New Glider Pilot's Handbook

> Test Flight Procedures

> Video of a Hand Trow Test Glide

> Performance Tuning Gliders


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