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GlenIronPa 08-02-2019 08:47 AM

Night Radian won't bind
I had a Radian with the DX5e trans. years ago that I purchased from Park Zone. That tells you how old the trans. is. I bought the Night Radian and what I read the the old DX5e-DSM2 should bind with it or am I wrong?. I bound a couple of Radian's when I couldn't glue them back together anymore and had no problem binding them. Do I need a new transmitter for the upgraded receiver? Everything goes as described in the manual till I turn on the trans to bind and the receiver light goes out, no communication from the trans.. Thanks for any input.

BelAirBob 08-02-2019 12:26 PM

Donít know if transmitter and receiver are compatible but two things. Move throttle stick and trim all the way down. Also try binding from about 10 feet away. I have had a few planes over the years that would not bind if the TX was too close


GlenIronPa 08-02-2019 01:01 PM

Thx for reply, just figured it out. I had to flip the trans. channel switch to channel 1. It was on 0. Now.......stop raininggggggggg. ;)

GlenIronPa 08-02-2019 03:59 PM

Okay, never mind....it won't hold the bind. It took me so many tries to get it to bind once. I went to the plane later to do some testing and the bind was gone. It took me so many tries again to get another bind....it didn't hold either. grrrr

BelAirBob 08-03-2019 06:38 AM

Supposedly once a receiver is binded it should not be lost. Andy Kunz may read this and have a solution or call Horizon tech support. If you donít want to stay on hold they have a feature so they will call you back without losing your place in the queue

let us know what happens


GlenIronPa 08-12-2019 03:38 PM

Originally Posted by BelAirBob (Post 12541204)
Supposedly once a receiver is binded it should not be lost. Andy Kunz may read this and have a solution or call Horizon tech support. If you don’t want to stay on hold they have a feature so they will call you back without losing your place in the queue

let us know what happens


Called tech support a few days ago and they said it should bind even if it is a DX5e MSR2 model. I saved the old 500 receiver from the old
Radian and it still works with the transmitter. They are sending another receiver to see if that is the problem.

Ya, know....after looking at another sellers site about the trans requirements. Reads a little different than Horizon's - REQUIREMENTSTransmitter: Spektrum full range 6-channel w/DSMX/DSM2

I think a trans with DSMX is backward compatible with DSM2, but an old DSM2, like my DX5e, is not compatible with the newer DSMX tech. I predict I'll be buying a DX6 or DX6e

GlenIronPa 08-26-2019 03:36 PM

Well, I gave them two weeks to send a new receiver. I ordered a DX6 and it came today and.....it won't bind. It binds the old 500 receiver from my old Radian. The DX6 says bind complete but the light goes off on the receiver and the ar636 doesn't respond. Sooooooo another call to tech support and it seems the tech from my first call failed to make a work order for a replacement receiver. Researching the 636 on the internet and it seems to have the occasional problem. I guess I got one. I hope to have a flying Night Radian before it snows.

GlenIronPa 08-31-2019 05:00 PM

I got the replacement receiver from HH. It was a AR636, the one in the plane was a AR636A. I don't know what the difference is. I was able to bind it with both transmitters, butttttt I couldn't get the trim adjustments to work right on the DX6 and after a few test starts/plug-unplug the battery the motor wouldn't respond. I would get the initial few beeps when the battery was plugged in but not the initializing beeps when the transmitter was turned on. The rudder/elevator would work but no motor with either transmitter. First few starts everything went fine. The initializing beeps from the receiver when the transmitter was turned on was taking longer and longer though till finally nothing. Screw it I pulled out the replacement and put in my old AR500 from my old Radian and used the DX5e. Things seem to be working fine.

I'm impatiently stupid though. I went for my test flight in the late evening, instead of full daylight, since I had to see the lights. I live out in the country but I have trees and corn fields and I am just asking for trouble. I was having some trouble controlling it, needed some trim adjustments. It was getting dark and losing my depth perception and orientation and I put it in the trees. I could see the lights on it yet from a distance but after trudging through the cornfield, I lost it and the battery was drained. I'll look for it in the morning. Ya, I have put enough money into this plane/hobby for quite a while. :(

GlenIronPa 09-04-2019 09:41 AM

Well, the wind knocked the plane down. It was hung in some brush a couple feet from the ground. The brush really saved it. The fuselage looks good. The rudder has a slight bend in it. I should be able to straighten it. Elevators good. I'll have to replace the wings and canopy and props. I have spare props so good there. The packing tape I put on the leading wing edge did it's job but, the wing root was ripped out and the other wing tip is buggered. I'll spend some time and get the trans/receiver ironed out. When I get some wings I'll do some hand launches and do some trim adjusting that way first. Till next year.

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