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Tony D 12-12-2004 12:28 PM

What glider to build
I have a reasonable amount of experience in building I/c scale from plans etc but as a winter time project and to keep me off the streets I am looking at building a glider during the dark days. I have a Graupner 500 geared (2.8:1)motor etc from a nasty dose of pilot error last summer combined with a bit of a senior moment. I would like to build from a kit a suitable glider with perhaps spoilers and ailerons. Has anybody got any thoughts on a good kit that would be suitable for a senile flier with limited glider time. I am based in the UK so access to some of the kits on the US market can be expensive.

BMatthews 12-12-2004 03:19 PM

RE: What glider to build
How about posting some links to kits you do have easy access to and we'll offer our thoughts on those.

Off the top of my head though I'd suggest something in the 2 meter range. If it's aileron equipped then don't plan on flying out to your visual limits for the first while until you get a handle on flying the model mostly on instincts. Speed control of the model for effective high efficiency flying is important. If you haven't flown gliders much then you need to learn to guage the flying speed and control it with subtle use of the elevator in all aspects. That also takes time to aquire. I find that it helps to get used to guaging speed by how many fuselage lengths per time the model flies at. Learn to evaluate this while in close and then use it further out /higher. It also helps to set the model up a trifle more pitch stable at first and then shoot for the CG being back closer to critical later on when you have the handling down pat.

Soaring is a whole new adventure that requires as much skill as any other specialized aspect of flying. But once you get that it has an appeal that just won't die or fade. Not knowing what's up there is a large part of that appeal. Finding thermals is very much like going fishing.

Tony D 12-13-2004 07:32 AM

RE: What glider to build
Thanks for the informative response, I can access most of the USA kits in this country but we have to pay nearly 50% more than the Stateside/Canada cost which is quite a bone of contention in the UK at present and is possibily another thread which could go exponential if started [:@]

I have taken in your sound advice regarding familiarisation with glider flight, I found with my first and last glider an old Graupner Amigo that I converted to power assist that I had just the problems you emphasise. I shall take those on board and hopefully with a few years flight on power I will have more success. Plus additionally we do no have some experienced soarers in our club to guide me.

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