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Another splintered mcpx tail boom!!!

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Another splintered mcpx tail boom!!!

Old 02-14-2012, 07:33 AM
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Default Another splintered mcpx tail boom!!!

To recap.

The tail boom on my mcpx splintered and started coming apart when I first bought it.

No matter, blamed it on myself, went to the LHS and got a NE tail boom.

That also splintered on the first battery.

Now im getting upset. I go back to the LHS and buy 2 more tail booms and make it a point to monitor how often and how hard i crash.

I know what you guys are thinking at this point.

You're probably saying this guy thinks the boom is made of steel and can withstand all crashes and that its the stock boom that's hollow to begin with and blah blah.

Well I'm not flying it hard. All my crashes, if you can call them a crash have been light. Yes not even moderate.
You know why? Well because im flying it indoors right next to Baccarat crystal and other very expensive home accessories.
I want to learn to hover it.

I'll get it up then if i loose control I'll pull TH and it'll come down. Some times not more htan a bump. It won't even fall over.

Anyways so I install the 2nd boom today and hover it on one battery. No major crashes,.
Actually I've never taken it higher than 4 feet. So there isn't much velocity when it comes down.

So on the second boom, between two batteries i may have softly crashed , from a max height of 4 feet, 3 or 4 times.
I then inspect the tail boom area next to where it goes into the frame and i can see it's already splintered and the end that inserts into the frame has become like floss, jagged.

The point is not to complain about the mcpx.
I want to know what to do now.

I have one more tail boom. I don't know how long the current one will last. I'm guessing another 3 or 4 crashes then the end that's inserted into the frame will no longer fit snugly and start to fall off while spooling.

I'm not going to buy more stock booms.

I think I need to replace the frame?
Maybe the boom slot on the frame has widened and allows or some "play" which shatters the boom end that goes in. It looks like that.

Would someone recommend a solution?

I think I need:

- a new frame
- a more sturdy tail boom
- a landing gear with tail boom support or a wholes new frame that has a built in stock boom support.

Is that about right?
Im not in the US, so I'd prefer all this to come from one e-tailer and to require minimum user modification. I'd really like to avoid soldering if possible.

Plug and play gear wouod be awesome.
I have no issue disassembling the parts to install to a new frame.

Thanks guys.

Pictures of shattered boom for reference:

Old 02-14-2012, 10:11 PM
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Default RE: Another splintered mcpx tail boom!!!

easy now settle down its a hobby first of all goto hobby shop and get u some carbon fiber rod solid rod 1.8mm diameter get yourself a hot glue gun carefully hold tail motor and plastic mount in fingers and splinter the rod down twords motor . what you want to acheive is cleaning out the plastic mount of the cf its preatty easy to do but the wires run down through it and we dont want to ruin them unless you can solder . so you take the solid carbon rod and measure it to your existing new one left and cut a piece the same size prefferably with a dremel cut off . put a dab of hot glue on 1 end and insert it back into motor mount before it cools off then you may have to run a small drill bit into main frame as it is molded and not round re apply glue just a little bit and slip it in making sure your motor is running parellel (looking from back to front) with the frame. you can tweak a tad if u dont get it right on either end and just a little dab of glue to fix it in then wrap wires a few times around boom twords the frame put small tacks of glue in say middle and each end to hold wires to boom. it doesnt look pretty but pound for pound its better than spending 10 bucks per tail i think i got the rod for say 4 or 5 bucks thats 2 x 1.8mm x 610 mm . as you can see i messed up my wires lol but it should look close to that when done. go light on your sticks . every 1 thinks u have to jam the throttle to 100% taking these lil guys up but thats not true take your time ease it up and once your heli starts getting light you can see if its going to flip over on its side just slowly go the opposite way so you get a nice straight lift. and maybe take it elsewhere and not near the fine china and expensive plasmas dont get discouraged and keep the tail twords you until you get confident . if you find you break canopy mounts get self adhesive velcro cut small peices out and use it.
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Old 02-14-2012, 10:20 PM
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Default RE: Another splintered mcpx tail boom!!!

oh and one other thing i forgot to add alot of ppl are doing the same thing but they are cutting the booms about 1 inch longer it supposedly gives more tail control i believe theres enough wire there but not 100 % on that one  but you could even expieriment and cut say 1/2 inch longer etc. good luck bro it will come to ya the more practice you get . remember even the best pilots crash every now and then too.

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