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Plane or Helicopter

Old 10-12-2003, 08:35 AM
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Default Plane or Helicopter

Im jsut getting into the aireal hobby but im not shure what to get a Helicopter or a plane the hellicopter is a bit cheeper than the plane but its electric and the palne is nitro.There both RTF.SO i comes down to what would be better for a begginer?The plane is the [link=**&P=0]SuperStar 40 [/link] and the Heli is a Hummingbird.Can some one help me?
Old 10-12-2003, 11:40 AM
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Default RE: Plane or Helicopter

Between those two, i would pick the superstar.

If you have interest in helis, just be sure to get a radio that is heli compatible.
Old 10-16-2003, 10:02 AM
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Default RE: Plane or Helicopter

So, I'm biased by my own experience, but here's the path I took, and one I have recommended succesfully to friends.

Before you buy ANYTHING practice in a simulator. Even if you just use FMS and a joystick, you need to get used to THE CRITICAL RC SKILL - which is nose in. DO NOT learn how to fly an airplane or a helicopter towards you in real life. Some people pick this up in ten minutes, some people pick it up in ten weeks.

After you have mastered sims, I recommend getting a slow, boring park flyer. I would recommend a T-IFO simply because it's indestructible and cheap. You can make your radio decision then, and like Space said, make sure you get one that can do heli's, and if you have the cash, buy a NICE radio and skimp on other stuff.

Once you have mastered your T-IFO or your TigerMoth or whatever, you can decide if you want to do helis. Helis are harder, plain and simple. I can toss a plane in my car, hop down to the field, and do all sorts of whacky aero stuff, but helicopter flying is an excercise in panic, fear, and rebuilding.
Old 10-16-2003, 10:18 AM
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Default RE: Plane or Helicopter

Do not buy a hummingbird. If you want to learn to fly, get either a good nitro intro heli like a raptor or something like it, or a .40 sized trainer and get a good instructor. Sims help a lot. You can learn to fly and do a lot of flying on either of those birds and you don't have to re-learn everything on the next step. If you want to do it, do it right and it will save you lots of money and frustration in the long run. A good trainer plane will run you about $350 to $400 ready to fly. A good trainer heli will be $500 to $650 to get it in the air with the propper radio and gyro. Fly fixed wing if you want or heli, either is good. Heli is easier to learn if you fly fixed wing first, but it can be done either way. Do which ever makes you feel best, just get an instructor and use good equipt. If you buy cheap junk, you will more than likely get frusterated and think the whole hobby is made of cheap junk and quit.

Just my 2 cents from someone who has been teaching for over 27 years.
Old 10-16-2003, 10:44 AM
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Default RE: Plane or Helicopter

I started with heli's, but recently I bought a couple of planes. Yes planes are cheaper, but I think heli's are a lot more exciting, planes are fun too, I just prefer heli's. They are more difficult to build, set up & fly, plus the fear & excitement really give me a kick. Like the others said if you're thinking of maybe doing both, first get a sim, and purchase a good radio. IMO slow fliers are not boring and they are great to learn with
Old 10-16-2003, 02:00 PM
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Default RE: Plane or Helicopter

Those two are in entirely different catagories also... The HB is basically an indoor only heli, they are EXTREMELY sensitive to wind. (if you can feel a breeze, it is too windy) The only advantage is that the hb is fairly crash resistant and easy to rebuild. The plane is much easier to rekit with a single crash. The HB is going to be VERY, VERY difficult to fly compared to the plane, and you will spend way more money on it in the long run. (for personal information I own a piccolo heli, nearly identical to the HB, and a couple of glow planes)

Anyway, my advice is first get an instructor and see which one you like, then either go to a .30 class glow heli or a trainer aircraft. (superstar is fine, avistar is even better...)
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Default RE: Plane or Helicopter

I opened a hobby shop less than a year ago and found that many people are very curious about RC airplanes and helicopters.

I have an instructor who will let anyone at all fly either just to see which type of RC aircraft they would prefer. We also will let anyone fly any type of plane or helicopter we stock. I wonder if any other hobby shop owner do something like this? BTW, this is totally a free offer. We found that it's so incredibly easy to sell either or both types of RC aircraft.

Joe Bartholomew
1560 Lockport St.
Olcott, NY 14126
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Default RE: Plane or Helicopter

I would look where you can fly and how often, If you have little time and lots of parks or schools close by, then the park flyer planes are great and easy to learn on , if you have access to a flying field or good landing strip, then the .40 size Nitro planes are a good choice. I would get minimal plane experience first just to get use to flying nose in (towards you) and when confindent in your flying and landings, maybe consider the 30 to 50 size Helis, If that is your goal, buy a nice heli radio first, 6 channel min, an 8 channel if possible. then you can fly all your rigs with the same radio. They say most are either better at building kits, or flying but if you just want to get up in the air, an ARF is the way to go! just my opinion, GOOD LUCK let us know what you decide (ps a simulator is a great idea, but can be put off till when you decide to get a Heli if need be)

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