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give me some lift plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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give me some lift plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old 08-31-2004, 12:36 PM
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Default give me some lift plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi there,

ok i got my chopper all set up...it was a used Hirobo ZXX which had been flying well.
my pitch curve was 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% . my throttle curve is similar. i'm using a Futaba 9C radio.
i don't have a pitch guage. i used a piece of paper with the angles...put it where the blades are and someway or another set the pitch according to the manual. it can't be too accurate.
anyhow i tried hovering my chopper and it didn't lift up a bit.(i'm a complete newbie by the way and going to learn to hover..i know the basics of the helicopter as i'v tried hoveing a micro chopper before)

i noticed no air being pushed downwards as no grass moved....so there was no lift.

1) how do i set the pitch? which way should the blades move for more pitch? the part of the blade which is straight all the way should move up or down when the pitch increases?

2) how to tune the engine? can i do it like in planes by just putting it to full throttle and clicking the needle for the highest rpm? would this crack the clutch?

thanks for all the help.
Old 08-31-2004, 12:42 PM
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Default RE: give me some lift plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are your blades on backwards? If the pitch changes on the heli when u test it, and the blades are spinning, then the lift may be going the wrong direction? Double check your pitch servo reversing, and the blades.
Old 08-31-2004, 01:10 PM
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Default RE: give me some lift plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking from above, down at the rotor blades and spinning the rotor clockwise, the leading edge (rounded edge) of the blades should be in front of the motion. When adding collective/throttle, the leading edge should tilt upwards. Positive pitch will be when the leading edge is higher than the trailing edge. Negative pitch is just the opposite. If your are setting the heli to hover at around half stick then set your stick to half, look down the blade from the tip. The leading edge, which should be to the left, should be noticably higher than the trailing edge and averaging other helis I have seen, should be around +5 or +6 pitch.

As far as adjusting your pitch, you need to find some instructions for your heli. It can be adjusted by linkage and radio. Try to borrow a pitch guage.

I can only comment on the engine from experience with mine. I set the low end needle first, usually inside the hole where the throttle arm is and get a good idle and midrange speed. I did this until the throttle response was smooth, idel reliable and I could hover. After hovering I increase throttle and see it bogs. If it does I land and lean the high end needle a few clicks and try again until the bog goes away. This is the way I did it and it might be completely wrong. Look up instuctions for your specific engine.

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