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toXicRC 05-17-2019 11:02 AM

Blade 130s Int/3D Flight Modes - Full Throttle

I have just recently got into RC Helicopter flying after buying a cheap Gyrocopter...I wanted something with a bit more power so I bought a Blade 130s. (I know this isn't a beginner helicopter, but I am taking small steps for now)

I have set it up correctly as it was an RTF version and done what the manual suggested

The problem I am having (and I was lucky to be holding the helicopter at the time), - when I switch from normal mode into intermediate or 3D - it just went full power and lift even though the throttle was at zero.

When switching back down to normal the rotor/blades powered down, I then tested the throttle on normal, and it works as expected.

What could be causing the helicopter to full throttle in them modes when the throttle is at zero? Have the rates switched

I have just ordered a DX6e Transmitter but it won't be delivered until Monday so I'm reluctant to try adjusting values on the basic RTF transmitter that I got with the 130s.

If you need any more details I will be happy to provide.

Thank you

Rockin Heli 05-20-2019 05:29 PM

Can you check on your radio screen to see if the Throttle is set at 0 when you have it on the high rate?

dzydvl 11-08-2019 07:52 PM

In intermediate and agility modes it is going to give you a constant head speed and you will control the pitch with left stick. Turn on the throttle hold so the rotor will not spin then put it in intermediate or agility mode. Now move the left stick up and down you should see the rotor blades changing pitch from positive (stick up) to negative (stick down) this is what give you the ability to fly inverted. Once you see what it is doing input a bit of negative pitch, turn the throttle hold off, this will start the main rotor, then lift off like you would normally. Just remember if you panic and pull the stick down it will go negative and come down really fast. Take your time.

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