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Old 03-27-2023, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Falcon 195
Can someone please tell me what size machine screws come with the rebel classic for mounting the front landing gear?
I think I used a #8 by 3/4 inch
Old 04-25-2023, 08:58 AM
Dave Wilshere
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New owner of this Rebel changed a few things. JetCat P-130Rx and Core

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Old 04-27-2023, 06:48 AM
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I maidened my Rebel yesterday, everything thing went well. Flew it five times. I used the CG method described here in this thread where you put two fingers under the wing tube and lift it, worked well, the CG was in an acceptable ballpark. I do feel that it is just slightly nose heavy so I'm going to start moving batteries aft a little to dial it in. I'm running a CortexPro gyro with default settings on Stick Priority etc. and with the factory recommended throws it's very docile, especially in the roll axis. Elevator response is good as is, but I need to tinker with the gyro and the aileron throws to increase the responsiveness in the roll axis. If anyone wants to share their CortexPro settings and throws I would appreciate it. I configured my flaps per the manual for maximum extension, and they are quite effective, it slows down nicely on final. The site picture when it's on final with those huge flaps deployed is pretty cool. I have not played with crow, but may consider it in the future, for now it seems to slow down nicely without it. I have the Reb Launch Scheme and I applied a large REBEL vinyl graphic to the bottom (cali graphics) and I was very impressed with how visible it was in the air, looked really cool and I'm glad I did it. Mine weights 29 lbs ready for take off, the K142g4 is a great match and the vertical is unlimited. Compared to my 2.2m T1 the Rebel is much lighter and flies much lighter as a result, something I need to get used to (The T1 is still a great flying machine, just different from the Rebel). Looking forward to more flights, especially as I get her dialed in. Thanks for all the great info here, very helpful. -Tom
Old 04-27-2023, 10:28 AM
Len Todd
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Originally Posted by Tip22v
l. -Tom
I have the K-142G4 in mine too. I initially CGed it using the Xicoy scales and the recommended CG. After a couple flights, I felt it was a bit nose-heavy on an inverted 45 upline, even after several minutes of flight to burn off most of the fuel. When adjusting the CG to my liking, I moved my 3800 mah battery back a bit to lessen what I felt was that nose-heavy state. The next flight, the plane wanted to float when landing. I moved the battery back forward and it landed pretty much by itself. The landing float was gone. However, now the plane flies straight as an arrow on an inverted 45 upline. I'll probably fiddle with the CG a bit more once it warms up and bit and the winds die down.

I think the residual thrust from the 142 and a slightly tail-heavy plane may combine to cause the CG to be more sensitive when landing. Also, the Rebel's forward fuel tank does not help much toward a consistent CG during the flight and then landing. With a 142 most of my flying was < 1/2 throttle. On short flights, there is a lot of fuel left in the tank, if I fill it.

I had a bit of trouble landing in Ocala. They have a short runway. It slopes downhill on a Left-to-Right final and there are some pretty tall trees out under the base approach. I ended up increasing the flaps and put in some crow to offset the residual thrust from the 142. The landing there is easy once you get used to the site's challenges. But, ... I am used to a 3800' flat asphalt runway with no trees to deal with. Most other sites make me a bit nervous.

You are right though; the Rebel flies a bit different from the T Ones. I'll add that a 26# plane is a lot easier to pick up off the startup pad than a 34# plane. However, the Rebel is a lot more fragile. My bottom seam cracked when I picked it up in a spot between the formers. I ended reinforcing it with some fiberglass on the inside under the pipe. Both the T One and the Rebel fly great! But comparatively, IMHO the Rebel seems more fragile.
Old 04-27-2023, 11:49 AM
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I did not do the upline 45 maneuver yesterday, in hindsight I should have. Like you, most of my flying was < 1/2 stick. I also agree that 8# difference makes the Rebel much easier to lift Regarding the fragility of the Rebel, I had to build a special cradle for my trailer because I was afraid the airframe would be damaged if I tried to transport it with the same cradle I used for my T1. Our runway is only 300' at my primary club site, and we have lots of trees and light poles (our field is a parking lot for a concert venue) so I'm used to landing with obstacles, but like you said, once you do a few landings it becomes a lot less stressful. Fortunately, I'm now a member at another club that has a 3500' strip, the downside it's two hours away so I don't get up there more than a few times a year.

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