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Jets Over Kentucky 2023 Wrap-Up

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Jets Over Kentucky 2023 Wrap-Up

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Default Jets Over Kentucky 2023 Wrap-Up

Jets Over Kentucky 2023 was an absolute success! A year of planning "The World's Grandest Jet Event" was worth the effort!

Planning for "The World's Grandest Jet Event" 2023 began shortly after 2022 began. Even at that moment I had ideas about the next year.
2023's future was in doubt for quite a while, and I was in doubt the event would even take place this year. FAA problems were so numerous, that two days before the start of the event I almost cancelled it for good! The Campbellsville County Judge intervened, and called his very good friend U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell; the next day ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS JUST DISAPPEARED!!!!!! The Senator's office is to be commended for their valent efforts to save JOK!

JOK had 175 registered pilots for 2023. It was a friendly crowd, and all went very well. We had a discussion with two pilots that I had to settle, but for an entire week that was it! I was exhausted from all the FAA problems before the event started, and didn't know how we were going to pull it off. The JOK staff had no idea that I was mentally drained! Our staff, and pilots are the greatest, for without them I could not have pulled it off!

The JOK "Big Top Tents" were 40X980 feet long this year, and we needed every one of them! It really makes things easier for registration if all JOK business is done online. If done online, SIGN IN is all that's needed! We will continue to encourage all pilots to register online, for without it, things really get busy!
Many thanks to Dorothy, Lisa, Jamie, Ken, and Vanessa for an extraordinary job with registration! Our webpage, designed by Ken Stewart, makes the entire process painless! Next year's JOK 2024 will happen on July 13th-20th. This will give us another full week of fun and adventure!

I received a really bad cut on my index finger during JOK, and Jamie Arnette saved me a sure trip to the hospital! Her quick action and care allowed me to remain at the event, and It was business as usual. Her care was so great that I was able to play trumpet at church the following week. It's completely healed now with only a hint of soreness. Thanks to Jamie for being there for me at a very stressful time!

Our sponsors were the real hit for 2023! We had eight sponsors in the "Platinum Plus-Platinum" levels, three "Gold" sponsors, six at the "Silver" level, and 17 sponsors at the "Bronze" level for 2023. Many have already committed to moving up a level for 2024. Without sponsors, THERE WOULD ABSOLUTELY BE NO JOK! Let's all give them the support and recognition they deserve! We had more vendors in attendance than ever, and 2024 promises to be even better! I have word that many new products will be introduced next year, and the excitement continues to build. Sponsorship letters will go out January 1st for 2024. New potential sponsors should contact me to be on the mailing list. The complete list of sponsors will be shared in the next few paragraphs.

Our "Air Boss" Marvin Alverez was up to his usual antics in assuring everything went smoothly for the week. I still don't know how he does it; no long lines all week for our pilots. Marvin had the JOK light system, pre-stage, pilots following directions, and there was very little waiting all week! I will post a flight line video later by Levaga (Bic) Green that will highlight the entire process.

Flying this year was exceptionally good! We gave 34 total awards (retail value at 230.00) each, and that was the toughest part of the entire event! This was the second JOK event that very expensive awards were given. It was our 20th anniversary, and I wanted to do something special for 2003. Our impressive sponsors made up the difference in the cost of all awards this year! There were so many excellent aircraft, that we could have drawn names from a hat! It was indeed tough, and we worked very hard all week to determine winners! Excellent piloting skills were on display all week, and we witnessed some of the best flying ever! We will not reward "Craziness" if you happen to fly that way, for JOK is all about SAFETY! If you can display your skills safely, and have a fantastic airplane, you just might go home a JOK winner! I cannot express the safety aspect of flying at JOK enough for everyone to truly understand! A complete list of winners and sponsors will also follow in later paragraphs.

Our fireworks for 2023 were simply the best! "Your Pal Sal" was the sole sponsor for our best fireworks show ever! The crowd that night was in the thousands, and a great time was enjoyed by all. Some of our spectators said it "Was bigger than the 4th of July city fireworks." Thanks to "My Pal Sal" for his support. Rich Miller and crew...you were superb!

Taylor County Airport in Campbells, Kentucky is the perfect place for an event! We have plenty of space for tents, pilots, and camping. Parking and camping was the highlight this year, and Rich Miller had the entire process figured out! Our appreciation to him for a job well done! There is more than ample parking for everyone, and the mid-site crossover makes it a snap! Parking for 2024 will allow all campers to pit right behind the entire length of the 40 X 1000ft plus tent; the newly renovated parking lot is now the total length of the taxiway. Talk about convenience, our new site is absolutely perfect, and everyone can rest assured they will be on the taxiway (LOL)!

JOK is a large event, and we rented 43 golf carts for 2023. Registration will definitely open on January 1st next year, so golf carts, registration, and sponsorship can be completed early. The Senator's office has already contacted me about next year, and hopefully everything will go smoothly with the FAA. We have an impeccable safety record, and the airport is always left in great shape. Hopefully the astounding success of 2023 will have a positive affect on all concerned.

We thank the Taylor County Airport for allowing us to use their very pristine airport for JOK. The airport manager, board, staff, and city are simply the best! Also, we thank the County Judge, and tourism department for their help.

Jets Over Kentucky Celebrated it's 20th anniversary this year, and planning for 2024 is underway at this very moment. It's hard to imagine we began with 28 pilots, and no sponsors what so ever! After flying pattern for 20 plus years, I had no idea it would come to this. Our second year the pilot count approached 58, and the rest is history. Many say JOK is a "Big family reunion," and that's just what it is! So much to see, do, experience, and fly your hearts out! I've been flying since 1978, it the fourth most thing I love to do! God, church, family, and flying!

Dates for 2024 are July 13th to 20th; registration for 2024 opens shortly. See you in Campbellsville, Kentucky!

Award Winners For 2023

Henry Castellanos is Awarded the - Juan Ramon Ruiz Jets Over Kentucky Grand Champion Award
Sponsored by Jet Central / Aeropanda with his amazing Skymaster XXL F-14

The Contest Director's Award - Sponsored by Lewis and Dorothy Patton - Brady Ornat

Contest Director's Award - Sponsored by Jets Over Kentucky - Rich Miller (Middle)

The Engineering Excellence - Sponsored by Jet Central / AeroPanda - Salvador Becherano
Tomahawk L-39 built by Master Builder Miguel Angel Alvarez from Miami, FL USA.
Sal Becherano also sponsored the JOK fireworks

Top Gun Award - Sponsored by Jag RC - Gregory Clark Hames - BVM F-18C

Top Gun Young Gun” - Sponsored by Banana Hobby to Federico Cereseto
for his outstanding flying, and came all the way from Argentina.

The Randy Clark Award of Excellence - Charlie and Lisa Scaife
For their amazing help and support to JOK; for many years of unconditional love and support to JOK.

The Best Military Jet - Sponsored by King Tech Turbines - Ryan Jones - Skymaster F4 Phantom

The Best Military Jet #2 - Sponsored By BVM / Robert Lynch - Jason Hill - Vulcan.

The Best Military Jet #3 - Sponsored by Best in the West - Larry and Jordan Peterson - BVM F-18

The Best Military Jet #4 - Sponsored by Nashville Jet Band - Goes to Andy Andrews - BVM F1 Mirage

The Best Military Jet - Young Gun - Sponsored by Jet Central / AeroPanda - Brady Ornat - BVM Tomahawk Hawk

The Best Military Jet Performance #1 - Sponsored by Horizon Hobby - Elad Fish - Carf-Models F-100

Best Military Jet Performance #2 - Sponsored by Global Jet Club - Greg Arnette - BVM F9F Cougar

The Best Military Jet Performance #3 = Sponsored By Nova Jets - Ali Machinchy - BVM 1/5 F-16

The Best Military Jet Performance #4 - Sponsored by Boomerang Jets - Goes to Rob Lynch - BVM F-100

The Best Military Jet Performance - Young Gun - Sponsored by King Tech Turbines - Goes to Ryan Robinson - BVM F-16

The Future "Young Gun" Superstar - Sponsored by Boli Muentes - Jessica Gietz, Daughter of Mr. Andreas Gietz
from Carf-Models.

The Best Electric Scale Jet - Sponsored by BVM - Jeremy Solt - Banana Hobby Xfly B1 Lancer

The Best Sport Jet 1, 2 and 3 - Sponsored by King Tech Turbines, Fenderbean RC, and BVM / Robert Lynch.
Three Awesome Young Guns flew magnificently with great airplanes from Pacific RC Jets
Shane, call sign “Grape”, Kyler, call sign “Lil Dude” and Maddox, call sign “Maverick”
The "Young Guns" program at JOK is WORKING!!!!!

The Best Sport Jet Performance #1 - Sponsored by Pacific RC Jets / T-One Models - MaxChrubasik - Carf-Models Diablo

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RCISFUN (01-30-2024)
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The Best Sport Jet Performance #2 - Sponsored by Robart Mfg. - Jeff Tolemeo - Bandit Models Outlaw

The Best Sport Jet Performance #3 - Sponsored by Best in the West - Hispano Aviacion Ultimatum Jet - Jorge Perez from Puerto Rico

The Best Electric Sport Jet - Sponsored by BVM - Rod Snyder - Futura EDF Conversion

The Best Electric Jet Performance - Sponsored by Nova Jets - Boli Muentes - E-Bandit from BVM

The Best Senior Pilot #1- Sponsored by Global Jet Club - David Searles BVM 1/5 F-86

Best Senior Pilot #2- Sponsored by Pacific RC Jets / T-One Models - Mark Palmer Sr. BVM 1/5 F-16

Best Senior Pilot #3 - Sponsored by Eric Maupin / Joe Pittman - Victor Diaz - Victor flew 5 or 6 different jets

Super Special Recognition - Sponsored by Fenderbean RC - Taylor County Judge/Executive Berry Smith, Campbellsville, KY

Special Recognition - Sponsored by Banana Hobby - Scott Miller and Son - Special Recognition - BVM F-161/5 F-16

The Farthest Distance Traveled Award - Sponsored by Nirlybuilt - Mr. Felipe Nieto owner of Jet Central Turbines
Drove all the way from Mexico in a custom built camper that looks out of this world.

Special Recognition - Sponsored by Jets Over Kentucky - Goes to Mrs. Dorothy Patton,
From Marvin..."Mrs. Dorothy keeps The General On the Beat, and gives him strength to keep JOK
Going to full speed, and supports him 1000%. Thank you Mrs. Dorothy all of JOK Loves you!!!"

WOW WAS I TIRED!!!!!!! SEE EVERYONE IN A FEW SHORT MONTHS! This post will be on Facebook tomorrow.

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Looking forward to this years event
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Thank you Lewis for the kind words, I want to thank the whole KY Jets Fireworks team who took hours out of their day when they could have been out flying on Friday.

Mark Palmer is a armature fireworks enthusiast, Mark is responsible for the choreographing of the firing of the main mortars.

Scott Miller who is always ready to jump in and lend a hand wherever needed and is not afraid to be in the line of fire.

Ken Olsen, what can I say about Ken, anyone who know him knows he is always ready to help out…

A special thanks to Bob Coppa, Mark Palmer recruited him for some extra hands during the show.

Of course the fireworks would not happen without continued sponsorship, so a big thanks to Sal Becherano.

And of course the guy with the Big John Deere, Eric Maupin, Erik and his large teams help is invaluable to the whole event, with time and equipment donations, w/o them it would not happen.

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