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What happened to Windy City Jets?

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What happened to Windy City Jets?

Old 02-15-2010, 08:02 PM
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Default RE: What happened to Windy City Jets?

I talked to the pres today to try to get him to re-open the discussion at the next meeting. He said he would so I hope all involved will have there cards ready and put on a good performance when trying to convince the membership into having this meet again. I have been and will be there for both meets.

Good luck!!

Tim Redelman
Old 02-15-2010, 08:44 PM
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Default RE: What happened to Windy City Jets?

ORIGINAL: Tim Redelman

I talked to the pres today to try to get him to re-open the discussion at the next meeting. He said he would so I hope all involved will have there cards ready and put on a good performance when trying to convince the membership into having this meet again. I have been and will be there for both meets.

Good luck!!

Tim Redelman
There you go guys. Good job Tim.

No disrespect or backstabbing was intended on my part, just giving an opinion. Of course, I'm not one who would be likely to attend Windy City Jets, so guys can take it how they like. I would bet however, that my thoughts are pretty much in like with the average guy who attends most jet events.

There are several local flyins that have a mix of aircraft types as you describe and I often drive several hours to attend and get in a couple of flights. As a rule though, I do not enjoy flying my jets with heli and 3-D guys whom I don't know. The opportunity for a collision is just too great. Risking my own jets and dealing with the pieces if I screw up is one thing, but dealing with a mid-air and the responsibility and hard feelings that often result is not fun at all. In addition, just being on the flight line with 3-D guys and heli guys that I don't know makes me uncomfortable and thus more likely to screw up my own flying. Of course there are jet guys who are like that, but I know who they are and can wait until they are done...

On the other hand, I'm planning on driving 9+ hours and dropping a sizable chunk of change to attend Mr. Louis Patton's event and I'm more than willing to do it because its 7 days of jet-only flying from dawn-to-dusk. Traveling that far for an event where I'd have to wait an indefinite time to fly with only jets just isn't worth it. I enjoy flying helis and 3-D myself (at a novice level, of course ), but for some reason, I really don't care to watch them anymore. I still get a kick out of watching jets and war birds fly, but helis and 3-D is only fun if you're on the sticks. Probably all that time watching all of that torque rolling at the Joe Nall. Thank GOODNESS for the 3-D flight line!

Personally I think you are much more likely to get the average jet guy from your area to attend if you hold a jet-only event, but again, that's just IMHO...

Present your case rationally and good luck!

Old 02-16-2010, 01:20 PM
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Default RE: What happened to Windy City Jets?


A lot of what's been spoken here is skewed truth. As an FVAC club officer, I'd like to directly address some of these comments.

The suggestion that the club's field was built on the back of the jet event is a big reach. The field was built on the back of a lot of club members who extended donations and loans. Additionally, the jet event, the warbird event, the 3D event, the swap shop event and other fundraising initiatives generated revnue to repay the loans. To suggest that the FVAC field wouldn’t exist without having had the jet events simply isn’t true.

To suggest that the current president of the club is putting up a façade by proclaiming he is a supporter of the jet community is also absurd. At no time was it stated that jets were unwelcome at the club. The decision for an event does not unilaterally rest in the hands of the President. It's a decision by the club’s board based on feedback from the membership at large. To throw one guy under the bus as a lone decision maker is ignorant.

For the sake of discussion, Windy City Jets is known as an event hosted by FVAC where we charge spectator admission. The Board decided that we would not host a jet event in 2010 where we would charge for spectators. The primary reason: not enough pilots to keep planes consistently in the air - that's what's needed to put on a quality show. We can't charge spectators and have them looking at empty sky. At the end of the 2008 event, the CD said that he could grow the event and bring more pilots in 2009. That didn’t happen. Participation decreased from 2008. So, when 2010 rolled around, we're asking ourselves, will event participation be better than 2009 or worse? There was too much unknown. But here’s my point – at no time did anyone approach the club leadership and ask, “hey can we have the field for the weekend and have a fly-in event that wouldn't be promoted as a paid-admission airshow?” Had this been done, we’d have been more than happy to take this request to the membership to see if they’d support closing off the field for 2-3 days for the jet guys.

To suggest that the jet event is “the money maker” for the club is false. Our Festival of Flight drew equivalent spectator participation and gate revnue. Spectator feedback about having an event with “all types of airplanes” was overwhelmingly positive. It's pretty straightforward - give the customers what they want, a little of everything.

No one has ever said that there's an expectation that jet guys are required to share air with the other pilots. We went to great lengths to indicate that we would manage the flightline so that jet guys are flying only with other jet guys. Or if preferred, an individual can have the field to themselves. If jet guys want to have a block of time to themselves, as long as planes are continuously in the air, fine with us.

I can say that the path to getting the club to reconsider hosting another jet event IS NOT to refer to club members that don’t fly jets as a "STROKER." That "STROKER" referred to in an earlier post ran a bulldozer and laid asphalt to build our field. He was among a number of members who was hands-on. It’s highly disrespectful to resort to name calling because someone doesn’t agree with your point of view. Why in the world would the club reconsider their position on this event when those who aren’t part of the “jet set” are treated like dirt? By the way, the other "STROKERS" in the club are the ones who park cars, dish out food and clean up trash - and are happy to do so to support their club while you guys fly your jets.

Comparisons of Windy City Jets to our pattern and IMAC events is apples and oranges. We charge spectators for jets and we don’t do paid advertising or a gate for these other events. Want to have a fly-in where we don't do a gate? See above.

Lastly, it was announced to the membership well in advance that we would be discussing our event calendar at the January board meeting and presenting the proposed calendar to the membership at the January general meeting. Let me tell you how important this event was to you guys. Do you know how many guys showed up to either meeting to pitch the event for 2010? ZERO. No proposals. No plan. I guess it was automatically assumed that everything would be business as usual. It was taken for granted. But then again, taking time to prepare an event plan and sit with the Board is more work than complaining on RCU………..

Respectfully submitted for consumption,

Tom Siwek
Old 02-16-2010, 02:11 PM
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Default RE: What happened to Windy City Jets?

Very well put and stated.
Old 02-16-2010, 03:00 PM
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Default RE: What happened to Windy City Jets?

Fly 24-7,

You are right on everything you stated. If the board agreed Windy City Jets has run it's course, then so be it. Arguing behind a computer screen and not talking it out in person is not the way to go, like I said on page 1. Hopefully this can be resolved in the future and we can one day hold another Jet meet at Fox Valley. Either way, this is supposed to be a fun hobby and life's too short for drama.... I will support whatever FVAC event we have this year and the people who contribute to them...
Old 02-16-2010, 07:08 PM
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Default RE: What happened to Windy City Jets?

Hi all

I flew all the way from Hawaii to attend Windycity Jets, and had lots of fun there. I appreciate all the hard work that the FVAC members did to make me feel welcome.
It's too bad that the event is not going to be held there again, the spectator crowd was pretty impressive as well as the field.

The locaton at the FVAC field was really great, close to good hotels and resturants, Dave Murray and his team run a great show. I'm friends with Dave and know he does a first class job with the show it is really to bad that it wont be at the Fox Valley field.

I hope that the organizers get another location and are able to carry on.

Old 02-18-2010, 03:52 PM
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Default RE: What happened to Windy City Jets?

Hi Guys,
At Duke's suggestion, I had contacted Dave Murray back in June of 2008, and with Dave's unending help and advice, a few of us came in from Manitoba, Canada for the Windy City Jets event. We were treated to a first class event at a first class field with outstanding people in attendance! The proximity of the field to the city was really unexpected but most welcome, and the local accomodation was very comfortable. The infrastructure that FVAC and the CD's had in place...well what can be said, nothing short of excellence! We all made new friends and rekindled old relationships. To a man, we all wanted to return again! For various family reasons we were unable to attend in 2009 but we were looking forward to the 2010 event.

With the FVAC deciding to change the format of the event, we can't commit to driving 1000 miles without some sort of advance knowledge of managed flight times. That being said, I seriously doubt that many jet guys are willing to drive very much distance for a mixed flight event. Please don't misunderstand me, there is good reason to hold mixed events as well as good reason to hold special interest group only (Heli, Jet, 3D etc.) events. This year will be a mixed event and hopefully the FVAC will have good weather and a good event with good representation from all facets of RC flight. Sadly with the distances involved for us, and the potential of diminished flight availability, we will have to keep an eye out for a new venue for the Windy City Jets meet.
Len Gladstone
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