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Tired Old Man 08-23-2011 08:23 AM

Turbine oils and Kerosene/Jet A

I'm a recip engine guy and as such all my experience has been in that area. I have questions about the oils used in RC turbines using kerosene and Jet A. How is the oil introduced into the fuel or engine, at what ratios to be effective, and what type of oil? What results are obtained from the various lubricants? What has worked well, what has not worked well?

Although my application will not be with a turbine your answers may clear up a lot of issues I have been having with lubricants and their reaction with kerosene based fuels during the combustion process. I'm well aware this subject can generate a lot of contention but I'm here to learn all I can and those "discussions" will provide a lot of information to extract data from.

Thanks for any and all help you can provide.

AndyAndrews 08-23-2011 10:06 AM

RE: Turbine oils and Kerosene/Jet A
Not contentious at all. Most of us use Turbine oil mixed in the fuel. The most common ratio is 5 gallons to 1 qt. of oil. Other lessor amounts are recommended by some turbine manufacturers. Aeroshell 500 and BP 2380 is also a common brand used. I've used both and can't tell any difference. Basically any turbine oil mixed with the kero or Jet fuel works fine. Most people like to stick with the same. One thing that people get concerned with is the toxicity level of the oils used.

Meesh 08-23-2011 11:02 AM

RE: Turbine oils and Kerosene/Jet A
Because of the Carcinogens produced when Turbine Oil is burned, I switched to using Mobil DTE Lite oil mixed the same as Turbine oil, 1 Qt to 5 Gallons of fuel. Haven't had a problem in 3 years.


ddlstang 08-23-2011 12:34 PM

RE: Turbine oils and Kerosene/Jet A
T.O.M. this subject is'nt as contentious with jet guys as getting into the Amsoil, redline, stihl with IMAC'rs. LOL

C185Pilot 08-23-2011 04:34 PM

RE: Turbine oils and Kerosene/Jet A
I agree about the Mobile DTE Lite. All of the turbine oils work well to lubricate bearings at very high rpm (up to 180k plus). The usual mix is either 2.5% or 5%...16 oz or 32 oz per 5 gallons respectively. I have turbines that specify each depending on brand and model. Obviously our combustion temps are very high compared with what I suspect you may be doing. Hope that helps.


gooseF22 08-24-2011 06:06 AM

RE: Turbine oils and Kerosene/Jet A
I have been running AMSOIL Dominator at 5%. The caustic effect of turbine oil had its effect on me. Had previously Switched to Mobil DTE Light, with excellent results, but this season, Im testing the best two stroke oil available (IMHO). This year everything has run perfectly so far. Two stroke oils are approved, but not many guys run them. I ran Saber last year under a similar test. Its flash point was actually a little too high and left oily residue. The Dominator is much better in this mix. Its designed for high loading.. Running it with both Kero start and Propane start motors.

The point is that even though flash points for the oils at these percentages should not matter too much, I have seen slight differences in Kero/mix with the oil left behind residue. WIth Mobi DTE, there is almost no oily residue in my motors. I cant comment on anything else.. been too long.. As far as operational effects, the engines run the same with the different oils, temps/etc.. looked the same to me.

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